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Blog Posted on 19/12/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

How to Play Online Keno Game?

Keno is quite a simple game which can be played live or online as well. The online Keno game refers to that where you can use a touch-screen such as your mobile or any other preferred device to select your number. Subsequently, a machine draws the numbers randomly and instantly.

Play the Standard Online Keno Game on Vegas Mobile Casino

How to Play Online Keno Game?

Vegas Mobile Casino is a premium one-stop online and mobile gaming casino that brings a Vegas-like experience to all casino lovers who like to play gambling from anywhere. The casino is licensed by the Gibraltar jurisdiction and hosts multiple mobile slots and other casino games with HD graphics from some of the best gaming developers in the industry.

The standard online Keno game is played with 80 numbers across a board with an objective of you having to select numbers that you may think could be chosen at the time of the draw, quite similar to that of Bingo. The numbers you can choose may vary from one casino to the other. While some allow 10-12, others may let you pick up to 20 numbers. However, 20 is the maximum limit, and the number of numbers chosen will determine the number of hits required to get a payout and the reward itself.

– The fewer the numbers were chosen, the lesser hits you will require and accordingly get paid. But this may reap you a lesser amount of money overall.

– With more numbers chosen, the hits needed to get paid will be more, and each hit is of less worth. However, the greater numbers you choose and hit the money you can win will also be more overall.

The game works on a sliding scale, and you can win up to 100,000 credits. You can either choose the numbers, or some casinos give the quick pick option which randomly chooses the number on your behalf. Once the choice of numbers is done, you will have to decide upon your per round betting amount. The range offered typically by most online casinos is set between £0.01- £20.

The next step refers to drawing the numbers where again you are given a couple of options such as Play 1, Play 5 or Play 10 as the drawing rounds. Here, each round would require a bet. The online casinos offering online Keno game track the hits and accordingly make the payouts for every respective round.

Variations and Side Bets in Online Keno Game

Interestingly, there are quite a handful of variations offered in Keno and every casino has its version. A few examples could help you understand what’s available out there:

– 0-Spot Bonus – Some casinos pay £500 or £1000 for a 0/20 spots catch and a £5 wager.

– Instant Keno – In this variation which is a regular online Keno game tickets cost £0.10 – £20. It features three speeds with the third one as the fastest but does not have a multi-round option.

– The Instant Keno Multiplier – This one gives the option for a couple of free spaces like the Bingo. On hitting any of the free spaces, you can earn a multiplier on the amount won in the course of that round, without having to spend anything extra for it. In this online Keno, game tickets range from £0.25– £20.

– Fuzz Ball Keno: This variation allows you to win money even without hitting enough of your chosen numbers. With tickets costing between £ 0.10 and £ 20, this game features a sliding scale. Mostly, online casinos allow a demo of the game for familiarisation.

Keno has various kinds of instant and traditional forms, side bets and themes, their availability. Now that you know how to play this fun casino game, you should also know the strategies to win online Keno. The best place to play this game is Vegas Mobile Casino, the leading online and mobile casino of the UK.

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