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Blog Posted on 25/12/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

The convenience of playing slots at PayByPhone casinos

The convenience of playing slots at PayByPhone casinos

Online Casinos clearly understand that their best interests in the future lies in going mobile and use the PayByPhone feature to make quick and easy deposits at online casinos for someone playing slots online. The PayByPhone feature is actually a very innovative tool which allows someone to make deposits at online casinos using their mobile devices, whether it is an iPhone, an iPad or any other smartphone. Cybersecurity attacks have now become more advanced and more frequent, and it is in the best interests of people involved in playing at online casinos to use some other method instead of using credit cards and debit cards for casino payments and deposits. The PayByPhone casinos solve this problem, and due to this sole reason, they have become increasingly popular among the online casino players.

PayByPhone method to pay casino deposits is as easy as it sounds wherein you pay you casinos bills using your phone number. When you reach the payment option, choose to PayByPhone, and you will be asked for your phone number. Enter your phone number, and all the costs of your online casino games will be included in the monthly bill of that phone number. You just need to pay a single phone bill and all your payments for the online casino will be already made. This has been a very revolutionary solution to providing the online casino players security while playing paying slot games as well as providing an easy method to pay the casino bills. 

The convenience of playing slots at PayByPhone casinos

The solution came out of the issue where the major problem was to provide banking-level security available on PCs and Desktops to mobile users and protect them from online frauds in case their credit card and debit card or online banking details are leaked. This method has some very important pros that provide convenience to online casinos players. Some of them are discussed here:

  • Unlike past times where users had to provide their card details or their bank details to pay at online casinos, now playing paying slot games won’t require people to furnish this sensitive information. They can just provide a phone number, and all the casino charges will be included in that phone number’s monthly bill.
  • You do not require any other information apart from a phone number and a network provider to start playing paying slot games.
  • Earlier you had to manage your casino bill separately to see how much and where was the money spent at these online casino games. The PayByPhone feature solves that problem because now you get a completely detailed bill of your casino spending along with your phone bill in a single package.
  • PayByPhone method is very convenient for mobile casinos because you do not have any added headache around the various payment options and how to pay the bills. You can now just concentrate directly on the game with no other thing to worry about while playing the game.
  • The mobile casinos have now started providing a new option for phone credit for pay-as-you-go transactions. This makes your transactions get processed immediately, and you do not need to wait for your phone bill to play the games. You continue to play, and each game cost will be added in the subsequent month’s mobile bill.
  • Earlier you credit card or your debit card was a gateway to online casinos, but the new PayByPhone feature has completely eliminated that gateway and made your phone and the phone number the new gateway to online casinos to allow you ease in playing paying slot games.
  • While paying via your banking options, you had to wait for a couple of minutes for payments to go through and get accepted and acknowledged. But the PayByPhone feature makes your payment transaction process a matter of a few seconds and you start playing your favourite games.

Playing paying slot games is the best option for someone worried about convenience and speed and even if that is not your concern, then also this feature is the best option to use if you do not have access to the traditional financial instruments. Just enter your phone number and your network carrier, and you are all set for playing paying slot games.

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