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Blog Posted on 19/02/2020 | Author: Karen Macarthur

How has the Progress of the Gaming Casino Industry been over the years?

The online gaming industry started its journey in the mid-1990s when the popularity of personal computers and the internet helped the gaming casino industry to launch its casino websites online. Even though the medium and the technology was new, the concept of the games was old. Most games were the old classics like roulette and poker. But it was a humble beginning to a multi-billion dollar it is today.

The early days were an experiment for the gaming casino industry in the online world. But the trend took off. It turned out that many people prefer to play games even at home. The online games had the same excitement of the classic but the novelty of the medium, ie. online. The world understood that there is a big market for online casino gaming that is going to grow along with the technology.

How has the Progress of the Gaming Casino Industry been over the years?

However, no one could predict that the growth would be this rapid. Thanks to technology.

The digital revolution

Nobody could foresee that the online gaming casino industry will be such a big industry today with revenues of hundreds of billions of dollars in less than 30 years. A large part of this credit goes to the digital revolution that the world saw in these last decades. We had faster processors, computers becoming portable, and internet speed increasing rapidly.

All this technology has not just got better, but it has become accessible to the masses too. We don’t just get better at quality but also the quantity. As possibilities grew, more and more people adopted the new technology. Everybody’s life was getting simpler and more fun. 

Personal computers were entering into every home in the late 1990s and the 2000s decade. More people were opting for the internet in their homes. There was a whole new generation that was growing up in a totally different world than their parents, i.e., the digital world. 

As this process happened, the online gaming casino industry grew simultaneously. 

Evolution of online gaming technology

With the popularity and reach of high-speed internet, more complex games could be played with ease online. There was less latency as the speed improved. Even computers became faster with growing bandwidth. The industry kept pace with the growing internet speed and did not want to lag behind. New games with better gameplay and better graphics became available. They took less time to load.

Today, computers come with dedicated GPUs and RAM for gaming. Everybody has high-speed internet today. The variety of games is unlike ever before. Today’s games have better graphics, charming animation and many interactive features that provide a complete immersive casino gaming experience.

How has the Progress of the Gaming Casino Industry been over the years?

The most important recent development has been the popularity of smartphones. Smartphones today have the same or even better processing power than the PCs that are 10 years old. So, it’s growth and popularity is all the more deciding for the online casino gaming industry.

Smartphones have the internet as well as many other features like portability, privacy, speed, and offers compatibility with many different accessories. With the help of smartphones, casino games are reaching new heights. Casino apps can provide a great gaming experience. Apps can be monetized with the ad revenue to increase profitability.

If you have a phone in your pocket, you can take your casino everywhere. You can play games while on the bus or train or waiting in a queue. Casino gaming industry has reached even farther into people’s lives. But what is the future going to look like?

Future of online casino gaming industry

Virtual Reality is a promising technology that is on the road to popularity. VR is being adopted in many sectors for the unmatched immersive experience it provides. With VR, you can sit inside a casino and play as you play in a real casino. You can chat with other people there who are also connected to VR in their homes. What a time to be alive!

Virtual Reality has generated a lot of interest among the masses. With the rising possibilities of VR, it’s popularity is set to increase. The future belongs to the technology that will remove the boundaries between the real and the virtual. And the casino gaming industry is sure to reach great heights.  

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