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Blog Posted on 16/02/2018 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Enjoy these Progressive Jackpot Slots with an Egyptian twist!

Traditional and Video slot machines don’t normally give payouts in huge sums and the working of it is often a mystery. But on the other hand, progressive jackpot slot machine gives out jackpots in millions. The jackpot in progressive slots online is the cumulative bets placed on that machine. When a series of symbols align in a certain way for a certain player he hits the jackpots.

Enjoy these Progressive Jackpot Slots with an Egyptian twist!

Ancient Egyptian-Themed Progressive Jackpot Slots!

Now that the online casinos have become abundant, slot game developers have come up with many different themes and ideas. And one such is the development of the progressive jackpot slots from land casinos to online casinos. Progressive slots online also behave the same way as in land casinos but here different games might be linked together for the jackpot or even games linked to different casinos. But the regular payouts are not that high in a progressive slots online.

Amazing treasure for you with Treasure Nile

Treasure Nile is one of the first slot games to bring attention to Egyptian themed games way back in 2004. But it’s still the most popular progressive slots online games among the games by Microgaming. This is a nine payline slot game with five reels.

To keep up with the theme, the symbols are Egyptian relics like the Sphinx, Anubis, cobra, Ankh, pillar, scroll, golden necklace, wheat and a boat. The wild is the River Nile and the scatter is the Scarab beetle. The wild can replace any symbol except the scatter. Three or more scatters will increase the winnings progressively but doesn’t trigger any free spins. The progressive jackpot happens when any player gets five pharaohs on the 9th payline. The bet amount for the jackpot is £4.50.

Fortune at your hands with Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune is the latest progressive slots online game by NetEnt. It takes us on a trip to Greece. The symbols also follow the theme with The Medusa, the Pegasus, the minotaur, the Nemean Lion, the lightning bolt and the Phoenix. The Pegasus is the wild with the scatter being the lightning bolt. Divine Fortune is a 5 reel, 20 payline progressive jackpot slot game.

When the wild lands on the screen, it triggers the falling wild feature. The wild shifts down in the next spin which is a free spin. The free spin lasts as long as the wild is on the reels. When the wild falls on the falling wild it triggers the wild on the wild feature. In this feature, the wild expands to the whole screen giving out amazing payouts. Three or more scatters will kick in the free spins feature which gives free spins depending on the number of scatters. Bonus gold coins on the screen will incite a jackpot when 3, 4 or 5 of them appear.

Progressive Jackpots are as amazing as video slots with wonderful jackpots to boot. You can find these games and other progressive slots online at Vegas Mobile Casino. They have an impressive list of games and offers to go with them.

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