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Blog Posted on 24/08/2018 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Pros and Cons of All Ways Win Slots

All ways win slots have taken over today, but it wasn’t always like this back in the day. Before the All ways win slots were introduced, slot machines contained only 3 reels and had no more than one payline.

However, as the games evolved, so did the paylines. Slot games moved into 5 reels with 100 paylines which in turn meant that you could win more, but you had to stake more as well.

This left a sour taste in the mouth of gamblers and it had to be fixed. Microgaming came to the rescue in 2009 when they introduced Burning Desire. The first game with the All Ways Win structure (243 ways to be exact). The good news was that you didn’t have to dent your pockets.

Guide on All Ways Win Slots

How Do the All Ways Win Slots Work?

Fixed paylines in some slot games means that you have to place a stake on all lines making a very expensive affair for a lot of players. As such, most of the players avoid such games which could leave a scar on the player’s pocket.

In the All Ways Win slots, the total bet is divided on the paylines in the game. Your payout will then be calculated depending on your total bet amount. This means that if 15 paylines create a winning combo, your total wager will be divided by 243 and then multiplied by every winning combo to get the total amount.

Pros of All Ways Win Slots

• The most obvious of pros is the fact that players can now win more often. This is unlike before when the wins were far apart which was enough to get even the most experienced and composed players unsettled.
• Another pro is the way the lines and the bets involved are arrived at. In the regular slots, the total wager is the total line bet multiplied by the number of active paylines. On the other hand, in All Ways Win slots, your total bet is what will be used in all 1024, 243 and 3125 lines. However, the chances of you forming a winning combo are higher than in the former.
• The last of many pros is that you no longer have to keep an eye on the paylines in order to decide on how many you want to remain active. The game has an inbuilt mechanism that will do that for you. All you need is to spin and count your blessings.

Cons of All Ways Win Slots

As mentioned earlier, your bet size will be split according to the number of paylines. This means that the wins in the game per line are quite small.

To put this into perspective, assume that you’ve placed a 1p stake which is uncommon. The returns for the 1p could be mere pennies for a spin, giving you an impression of a win while in reality, you are losing (losing win).

As such, players continue playing with the same enthusiasm as a real win and hence play for longer periods. In light of this, it is important to understand how much you are staking vs how much you win in a spin.

Which is Better, All Ways or Paylines?

This is a subject of debate for many gamblers. Those that prefer a streak of losses and then a massive win versus those that would like to see wins back to back. What you have to keep in mind is the overall RTP of the game.

Vegas Mobile Casino brings the best of all ways to win casino slots. You can enjoy playing them on desktops or any mobile device.

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