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Blog Posted on 07/04/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Quadruple Your Wins This April!

Players are going to be delighted now because it is going to be one of their luckiest month. Now is the time to take some cash-back while playing the best online Roulette games. Vegas Mobile Casino is offering players a great opportunity to participate in a mega Roulette competition. All in April players can take their winning amount and sit back or apply that amount on stake and they can try to quadruple it. Lucky winners will have a bag full of £2000. Isn’t it an amazing chance? Off-course all of us would say a definite yes.

Quadruple Your Wins This April!

How You Can Grab All in April?

The winner of all in April tournament will be rewarded with £500. It is real cash and you can immediately transfer in your bank account. However, some brave-hearts can bet with that won amount on black or red and the casino will add up another £500 cash. Thus, the player will have a chance of winning £1000 or £2000. Now that is what we can an awesome offer! Nobody wants to miss it.

When the Tournament is Starting?

This tournament is starting from 8th April at Vegas Mobile Casino. This tournament will run whole week and active members of the casino can stake on Roulette. The online casino management team will contact the weekly winner to provide him with £500 cash. He can either take it or play more bets to win four times greater amount. The choice is yours, but you should take risk for winning a big prize.

The All in Aprilcompetition will take place every week of April. Players can turn a boring week into a thrilling week of Roulette and watch their luck around. One lucky spin and you will be owner of £2,000. So pull up your socks and get started. There will be a scoreboard to let you know how well you are doing in comparison to every other player!

Some Important Details To Keep in Mind

The All in Apriltournament will be active for whole April month. Now players can join it on 8th April and try their luck for winning £500 and then £2,000. There will be only one winner in each week. You will be a lucky one, if you could do that. That’s a never before opportunity to compete with your fellow players, watch the scoreboard change and see your name scroll up to the winning line. Your account will end up with £2,000!

The regular players of Vegas Mobile Casino are early waiting for the next tournament. Many of them have joined it already and now they are on a quest to win the mega prize. So, what are you waiting for?

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