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Blog Posted on 20/05/2020 | Author: Karen Macarthur

The Relevance of Hot and Cold Tables in Online Gaming

With multiple technological advancements and increased digitisation happening by each passing year all over the world, traditional gaming practices have also taken a back-seat, and online games have become extremely popular. The new technologies have revolutionised the gaming world and have created a huge fan following of casino games all around the globe.

Online casino games are well-liked as they get the players hooked to the game. They soon get addicted to the adrenaline rush and the dose of entertainment they get by playing them. Playing casino online is no longer a far-fetched thought; it is available on fingertips with such a large number of casino game slots provided by several online casinos.  There is a wide variety of casino table games and card games which have become extremely trending and are also offered by some of the best online casinos of UK.

The Relevance of Hot and Cold Tables in Online Gaming

The House Edge Factor

When it comes to mobile casino games, the ultimate goal is always winning. The fact that there are several casinos which have been running for more than a decade, it means that they are definitely making huge money to sustain their businesses in the market. At the same time, they have been flocked by a huge number of players over the years who gamble to try their luck and make most of their chances. The house edge varies with the type of game and is the term used for the mathematical advantage (casino’s profit), the casino has over the players as they play the game. The players still hope to win their bets and devise various tactics to have the edge over the house.

The Relevance of Hot and Cold Tables in Online Gaming

Hot and cold casino tables of online games

One of the major and the considerably basic practice which is advised and has been adopted by the players over time is observed. Players are always advised to carefully observe the tables in the online games before they join in and place bets. The motive is to analyse the patterns and understand the odds of joining at a particular table on the basis of the live casino games happening at those tables.

Let us look at the ways in which we can determine a hot or a cold table.

When you start observing the tables, a hot table is the one which has an overall positive, warm, and happy atmosphere. The current players on that table have smiling faces and are enjoying the game. The players are winning, and the table has a higher number of winning stacks.

On the other hand, a cold table seems gloomy and has a dim atmosphere. The players are not winning their games, and the overall vibe of that table is murky. The people seem to be unhappy on the progress of their games, but still have hopes for the odds to be in their favour in the time ahead.

The Dilemma: Should casino slot games be played on a hot or a cold table?

So, after observing and identifying the hot and cold tables, the player needs to decide on which table he or she needs to place the bet. Considering the unpredictability of casino games, the players are required to formulate strategies on their feet for their next move.

The questions which may arise in a player’s mind before considering a hot table for betting in mobile slot games can be as follows:

  • Will the winning continue?
  • For how long can this streak continue?
  • Will the house edge change the scenario of winning after joining it?
  • Practically the winning streak of current players will have to end at some point, will it end as soon as a new player joins?

On the same lines, the questions which may arise in a player’s mind before considering a cold table for betting can be as follows:

  • Will the losing cycle break at some point?
  • Since the players still have hopes for winning, can they win in this session?
  • How long will it take for the winning streak to start?
  • Will it occur during my gaming session or after that?

What is the right decision?

The logic behind choosing a hot table is the expectation that the winning streak would continue in the next game as well. And, for choosing a cold table would be that since the current players are still playing their games despite facing losses, there might be a possibility that the table will run hot in the near future and the players would start winning. This gambler’s belief can be considered as a fallacy.

One should understand that deciding to join in the online games like Blackjack online casino, on the basis of hot and cold tables can be considered as a precautionary measure with the hope to slightly make things more favourable. However, it does not guarantee to win. Even the games of some of the best payout online casinos UK are not predictable when it comes to who wins and who loses. The players should decide to assess the current situation and should not believe that the mathematical results would be aligned with their predicted results, at least not in the short run.

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