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Blog Posted on 10/07/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Responsible Gambling for Mobile Casino Users

Gambling is the most recognized of the addictive behaviours that is prevalent in the modern world. It’s an almost integral part of the human psyche. Whether for the thrill, excitement or the gains of partaking in this activity, it is always seen as a negative influence.
Usually gambling doesn’t affect the person involved when indulged as a harmless activity of stress reliever or entertainment. However when it turns into an addiction, it changes the lives of the person and his family.

So the next question is what is Responsible gambling? Before answering this question it’s essential to know what gambling addiction is, its symptoms and the help offered to overcome this addiction. As part of the responsible gambling, Vega Mobile Casino has undertaken the task of delivering information related to gambling in the following text.

What is Gambling Addiction?

The casino players have a compulsive disorder to continue playing even if they lose money. They are in the constant search for the next big win sometimes losing all they have, be it friends, family or relationships. They are out of touch with reality and end up being lonely. Often they do not acknowledge their gambling problem even if it’s seen by the others. Are always under the illusion that they will win back the losses and get lucky.

Types of Gamblers

It is important to note the categories of gamblers before taking any steps to help them. There are three types of gamblers: Professional, Social and Problem gambler.

  • Professional Gambler: He is the most disciplined of all, relying more on the skills rather than luck to win money. There is control over effort, cash and time he puts into gambling.
  • Social Gambler: He believes gambling is for entertainment and fun. He doesn’t mind indulging in this activity as long as the wins are worth it.
  • Problem Gambler: He is addicted to gambling with no control over the effort, cash and time.

Symptoms/Identification of Gambling Addiction

There is common consensus regarding the behavior of the gambling addict. Interestingly some of the players themselves recognize their problem but will not concede to take any action. Some of the ways to assist family and friends address the problem is by helping them identify the symptoms of addicts. Some of them are:

  • Preoccupation with gambling.
  • Denying the gambling addiction problem.
  • Priority over personal family, work, friends, hygiene.
  • Last to leave/ first to enter the casinos.
  • Erratic mood swings when kept from gambling for long hours.
  • Loss of control over money and time.
  • Absence from work or social activities.
  • Secretiveness, lying, stealing from family, friends and colleagues.

Controlling Responsible Gambling

There are different ways to overcome gambling. One is through the support of family and friends. The other is through the professional and medical help from recognized experts and authorities.

The third way is often undertaken by the Casino websites through its online measures to prevent gambling addiction. At Vegas Mobile Casinos, it has undertaken the following methods:

  • Self exclusion – The onus is on the players to gamble responsibly. They have a accountability to play as per their gambling limits. If they feel for some reason they are gambling over their limits then, they can approach the help desk for barring their accounts from their site. They will not be able to login to their accounts during this period. All the balance money will be returned immediately.
  • Limiting the daily/weekly depositing amounts – The players should inform the support help desk about setting deposit limits on their daily or weekly gambling activities. The casinos will not accept any further deposits when overstepping the limits.
  • Prevention of underage gambling – Thorough verification is taken during any stage of registration to determine the age factor of the players. Minors under 18 years or the legal majority limit of the country’s jurisdiction are not allowed to play at Vegas Mobile Casinos. Any such activity results in all the wins being void.
  • Software parental controls – In addition to the above measure, parental control software should be installed to prevent the minors from accessing inappropriate sites.

Acknowledging the problem is the first step on the road to recovery. A lot of organizations offer support to the addicts such as Gamcare, Gamblers Anonymous etc. Constant help can make them recover to some extent. The fear of setbacks is always present, but with persistence and support they can lead a disciplined lifestyle.

Common Tips for Responsible Gambling

  • Bet within your gambling limits.
  • Set both money and time limits.
  • Never gamble under influences like drinks or other substances.
  • Never gamble under emotional distress.
  • Never chase losses.

Armed with this information, Vegas Mobile Casino wishes to all its players make gambling a fun and enjoyable experience.

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