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Blog Posted on 26/10/2018 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Riviera Riches vs Romanov Riches Slots

As you might know, slots fall under different genres. There are Halloween-themed, Asian-themed, food-themed, war-themed slots and more, with the available themes being effectively limitless. In fact, they are limited only by the creative abilities of the slot developers. Now, there’s a brand of slots you might not be aware of called luxury slots. These slots are easily identifiable as they depict the lifestyle of the rich and famous and use lots of luxury items as icons. Two of such slots are the Riviera Riches and the Romanov Riches slots. While both are broadly similar, there are some differences that give each a flavour all its own.

Riviera Riches and Romanov Riches Slots

The Difference Riviera Riches and Romanov Riches Slots Have

• Theme – The Romanov Riches slots is based on the history of one of the most famous and richest dynasties the world has ever known – the Romanovs. They controlled much of old Russia, had enough moolah to make King Solomon envious and were powerful beyond imagining. The Riviera Riches, on the other hand, is based on the fabled Italian Riviera that’s always filled with sun, pretty girls, drugs, good food, and easy access to anything else that might be desired.

Look – the Romanov Riches slots pack a colourful slot. The icons used are Russian Royal gems look quite expensive. In contrast, the Riviera Riches slot boasts playing card values and images like fast cars, drinks and cigars, expensive mansions, gold coins and cold cash. Compared to the Romanov Riches the icons used are less subtle and more brashy. Some might even complain that it was too common, rather than subtle and restrained like those of the Romanov Riches slots!

Quality – this is an area that the Romanov Riches slots triumphs over the Riviera Riches. Simply put, the icons used in the slot are more detailed and beautiful than those found in its competitor. While this might not matter to some, it will to those who play slots for the eye-candy bit of it.

Bonus Features – the Riviera Riches comes with a Free Spins bonus round and a roulette bonus round. 190,000 coins can be won in the former, with 30,000 coins being available in the latter. The Romanov Riches slots, on the other hand, has double the bonuses. There is a Mystery Stack feature, a Reel Respins feature, and a Wheel Bonus feature. This leads to wins that range from 750x to 1,000x the stake!

Both Romanov Riches and Riviera Riches slots are similar sounding slots with a heady luxury theme. Both are well detailed, loaded with colour, and packed with enough features to keep players entertained.

While they do have their differences, these serve to distinguish them both and spice up the gameplay. Both are standout efforts that can let players earn huge.

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