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Blog Posted on 09/04/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Roulette Special – Red or Black Betting Strategy

Make a quick decision right now, on which will be your winning bet playing the Roulette? Is it Red or Black on the “Little Wheel” as it popularly goes by? Or do you fancy your favourite numbers?

Simple and elegant, the roulette is the best way to get your grooving wins! A dicey game, the next spin of the colourful wheel can either break or push your bankroll right to the top. Bet on the red or blacks to have an equal chance of winning.

Assuming that you are playing the roulette without the green 0 or 00 numbered grooves, in all probability, there is a 50/50 chance of you landing a winning bet on either red or black. There are 18 red and 18 black slots. So immaterial of whether you are betting on red or black, it always evens out in the long run. But, the presence of the zero slots pushes up the house edge to 5.26% and 2.56% for the American and the European version of the game.

Win Roulette with the Red Black strategy

This doesn’t imply that you will have 100% success when using this game strategy. This may not work out in the long run, but for the fun play, it’s going to boost your bankroll big time.

The Red and Black roulette strategy is the simplest gameplay that a beginner can apply to his gameplay. Probably it’s because, you bet on either red or black to win the round. It’s quite simple to apply, and is suitable for the player without a big bankroll. Some of the other game strategies such as the Martingale casino strategy involve doubling your bet on facing a loss.

You start your bet with a 1 unit bet on say red colour and lose. Increase your bet by 1 unit and again bet on red. You lose twice sequentially, and the final next bet is a win. You end up recovering your loses plus winning one extra unit.

If you win, you decrease your bet by one chip. This simple progression is what gets your attention.

Downside of Red Black Strategy

No doubt that, this red black roulette strategy will let you recoup your losses, as short term game plan. But, continue using this strategy is a big no in the long run. You will eventually end up busting your bankroll as the progression continues. A large progression at the end will wipe out your balance with a single loss.

The progression can go on endlessly, until the table limit is reached, or you have an unlimited supply of money. While theoretically possible, in practice this is highly unlikely to happen. In spite of this, the red black roulette strategy continues to be one of the widely applied strategies.

Finally, the Red Black strategy is quite profitable for short intermittent wins. As always, play roulette using this strategy, with a watchful eye on your bankroll, lots of common sense and leave the table when you’re down on luck. Enjoy the chancy game of luck, and remember there is always another day to win!

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