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Blog Posted on 08/04/2020 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Can Roulette Table Dealers Accurately Pick Numbers?

Roulette table game is a simple yet fascinating game that is immensely popular around the world. Whether it be online Roulette or the one played in a land-based casino, both the versions are extremely popular. While there are options for free games when it comes to online Roulette, if you are contemplating betting real money on the game, it is essential for you to have an in-depth understanding of different rules of the play, for improving your chances at winning. 

Can Roulette Table Dealers Accurately Pick Numbers?

Types of Roulette table bets

Whenever you visit a land-based casino, it will be quite evident that the largest crowd, as well as the highest number of dealers, are busy at any of the multiple Roulette tables. One of the main reasons why people are excited to play this game is that it is a simple game, and there are no cards to keep track of or complicated payouts for arcane bets. You just need to place your bet on the number you believe is most likely to win, and if your chosen number wins, you will be winning a handsome sum of money. Moreover, there are various types of options when it comes to Roulette bets, providing you with a better chance at winning.

Roulette table: Outside bets

For the new players’ Roulette outside bets offer a lower payout when winning, with more chances of winning. As the name suggests, these bets are placed outside the table layout. Also, these outside bets in casino online Roulette game are considered the basic type of wager, and it is suited for the novice players. 

Roulette table: Inside bets

These are bets that are located on the table, and the players, however, involve higher risk as the chances of winning with such wagers are smaller. Also, it is considered better because it has larger payouts when compared with the outside bets. Taking this into consideration, this betting style is popular for those gamblers who love to take risks when playing games or for people who have enough funds at their disposal.

Can Roulette Table Dealers Accurately Pick Numbers?

It must be noted that all casinos outright deny the existence of any signature for a dealer. Players tend to believe that the style with which the wheel is spun has an impact on the final result, but it has not been substantiated in any way whatsoever.

How can a dealer make spins predictable?

When the casino game targets a particular number, they fall into their own natural rhythm but only in strict conditions. When you are playing the Roulette wheel online, you will notice that the ball will be spinning around the Roulette wheel at a constant speed. So, it should land approximately the same number of pockets from where the dealer picked the ball. A dealer’s signature takes place unconsciously, and to determine whether the dealers have signatures, it needs a number of experienced dealers to measure the results. However, here are some strict conditions which can make this work: 

  • Firstly, the wheel must have a strong dominant diamond, so when the ball hits a particular diamond more frequently. Thereafter, the ball must fall in a somewhat predictable way, then the dealer must spin the ball and wheel, both, at steady speeds. This is a skill that will come with regular practice. However, the dealer doesn’t need to spin at the same speed as there is always an acceptable margin of error.
  • The dealer may not be targeting a specific wheel sector. There are times when the dealer seems friendly and will spin slow spins if the wheel is tilted so that the cross-reference numbers develop if the wheel has a perfect end position. For inexperienced players, it looks like the dealer is trying to make a friendly environment as a part of their job

How to take advantage of a dealer’s signature?

In order to take advantage of the dealers signature, you need to consider the following:

  • You need to check if the dealer spins the ball with consistent velocity
  • You need to ensure that the speed of the wheel is consistent
  • Also, you need to check the number of pockets from the release point

After you consider all this, you can start betting. But there are other problems in the way of proving the existence of a dealer signature. As roulette wheels tend to slow down somewhat over a period of, as a result, the movement of the wheel ensures different spins every time. As the wheel naturally slows down, the signature of the dealer will have to change. This would then be analyzed by the researchers.

Is dealer signature against the gambling rule?

There is no law that proves that card counting is illegal. However, casinos do reserve the right to ban you from playing for any reason, and consistently winning is probably a sufficient reason for them to ban it. So, when you play UK Roulette online and if betting on dealer signature works for you, then you can try other wheels. You can also try out other casinos and dealers since you will not be seen winning in a single place for a long time.

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