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Blog Posted on 12/02/2020 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Easy Scratch Card Tips and Tricks that can Help you Optimise your Gameplay

It’s common for people to waste or lose a lot of money buying scratch cards online or in scratch card shops.  No one likes it. What’s the point of winning if you lost more money trying to win?

But what if you could increase your chances of winning by following some simple scratch card tips. Although it is impossible to win every time, you can still play smartly. These easy tricks will tell you what to notice, how much to spend, and where are the best places to win. 

Look for odds of winning

You may like to look at the fine print to see what are the odds of you winning something. It’s usually written on the reverse of the card. You can look over different cards and choose the one that has higher odds in your favor. If you are playing online, look for RTP, ie. Return to Player percentage.

For example, an RTP of 92% means 92%of all the money betted on a game is returned to the players as winnings. Look for higher RTP games as they offer you more chances of winning. 

Easy Scratch Card Tips and Tricks that can Help you Optimise your Gameplay

Risk small

Big stakes also have big jackpots, and everybody wants to win jackpots. But that’s also the most common way people lose money. And risking big makes you lose big. Smart people buy small stakes. This keeps winnings small too, but, in the process, you also lose less. You will keep playing longer and be less disappointed. This is one of the smart scratch card games to play. 

Buy in bulk

Another one of the great scratch card tips is buying 4-5 cards at once. It gives you more chances of winning something. It is better if the cards are in a sequence of consecutive serial numbers. If you have single cards at different times, the combined odds of winning are comparatively less. For example, if you buy 4 cards at a game that has odds of winning as 1 out of 5, then, buying separately in 4 different games has your odds at 1 out of 5 and buying 4 in bulk makes your odds of winning to 4 out of 5. 

Keep a budget

This is not scratch card tips but a tip on how to last longer. Fix a budget before you start your session or weekly budget for buying scratch cards. Do not spend more than the budget. Also, the budget amount should not be more than what you are comfortable with losing. This way, you are prepared for the worst-case scenario and losing does not disappoint as much. 

Stop playing after the budget is over

This will require some discipline but is a smart way of playing. Once you break your budget, there’s nothing stopping you from losing big. Stopping to play after the budget is a way to minimize your losses, so you have to cultivate the habit to play in limits. 

Stick to one game

It’s not going to be useful to keep changing games if you want to win. Stick to one game and improve your skills by studying and experience. This is one of the scratch card tips people ignore when they get tired of a losing streak. 

Keeping old tickets

Believe it or not, sometimes jackpots have no winner. So the officials try to do the lottery process again, and your card could become the winner. So don’t throw away those old cards. Store them in some box somewhere safe until enough time has passed. 

Easy Scratch Card Tips and Tricks that can Help you Optimise your Gameplay

Submit the lost tickets

Since you have no use of it now, you can submit it back to the place where you bought it from. They will cross-check the ticket before taking it back. Who knows the ticket might turn out to be a winner only because you missed an alphabet? 

Play like you play slots

When the machine is going through a dry spell, it means that the jackpot is coming closer. You might want to lurk around the card seller stores and subtly ask if there have been no winners recently. That’s your cue.

Scratch cards are a game of luck. Even after playing it smartly, scratch card tips can never guarantee a win. If there was a way to guarantee it, everybody would be doing it. These scratch card tips will help you increase your chances to win so you don’t miss anything that could be hurting your chances.

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