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Blog Posted on 21/06/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Soft Hand Strategy at Blackjack Casino Classic

Blackjack is a casino classic game that we all love to play, if not at all times, but occasionally for sure. And, even the expert players go wrong in their strategies at times, because this casino classic game is not pure luck! With some calculations and presence of mind, this game can be mastered by anyone. One such strategy that is often under-used or taken for granted is the soft hand strategy. For those of you who don’t know, a soft hand is one where the Ace is counted as 11. But in the case where you draw a card and the total crosses 21, then the Ace can also be counted as 1. When you have an Ace in your hand, there are three options from which you have to choose from – Hit, Stand, or Double Down.

Soft Hand Strategy at Mobile Blackjack

What to Do in Casino Classic in a Soft Hand Situation?

    • When the dealer has a five or a six

Go for Double Down in this situation, only if you have a soft between 13 and 18. This means if the dealer has a 5 or a 6, and you have an Ace and the other card between 2 and 7, you can without any doubt go for Double Down because in this situation the chances of dealer being bust are high.

    • When the dealer has a three or a four

The ‘rule of 9’ applies in this case of casino classic. Rule of 9 is a pretty simple one to observe. Suppose the up card of the dealer and your non-Ace card are added, the sum is 9 or more than 9, you should Double Down. But if you have a soft 19 or 20, you should Stand. And in case where the sum of the numbers (up card of the dealer and your non-Ace) is less than 9, then you should Hit.

    • When the dealer has a two

Hit all when you have anything from soft 12 to 18, and the dealer has a 2 in Blackjack. Using Double Down in casino classic is not advisable because the chances of the dealer getting bust are not very high.

    • When the dealer has a seven

If you have a soft 12 to 17, you have to hit. And if you have a soft 19 to 20, then you should stand.

    • When the dealer has an eight

Similar to the previous situation, with the only difference being, if you have a soft 18 you should stand and only wish for a push. And if you have a soft 19 or 20, you obviously stand.

    • When the dealer has a nine, 10 or Ace

Stand only on soft 19 and 20, and hit on the rest, because then the risk is high on 19 and 20.

Blackjack casino classic is one of the most played games, both in online casinos and land-based casinos. Having knowledge of such simple strategies can take you a long way ahead! So, forget your lady-luck and concentrate on the strategies!

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