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Blog Posted on 03/04/2018 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Spring Special Offer: Up To £1260 of Bonus Cash and 210 Free Spins!

In case you are looking to gamble some of your fortunes in a good game of betting, Vegas Mobile Casino is offering an exciting free spins slots bonus to ease your way through our casino games to a jackpot.

Vegas Mobile Casino is proposing a lot of attractive offers on spins and slots this April with up to 210 free spins and free bonuses up to £1,260. With such awesome offers coming your way, you just can’t resist the lure of placing your bets at the Vegas Mobile Casino slots. The offers are available in all popular and famous games like The Rift, Hong Kong Tower, and many others. Here’s a list of the impressive offers the UK’s mobile casino is providing.

Spring Special Offer: Up To £1260 of Bonus Cash and 210 Free Spins!

Enjoy the Free Spins Slots Bonus This April

50 Free Spins on The Rift Slot Game

50 spins for free are offered on a game of The Rift for a minimum deposit of £50. The free spins slots bonus can be availed by using the promo code of ‘50FS’.

20 Free Spins Slots Bonus on the Game of Hong Kong Tower

Vegas Mobile Casino is trying to cash the immense popularity of Hong Kong Tower slot game by volunteering to offer 20 free spins on the game for a meagre deposit of £20. The promo code for this offer is ‘20FS’ and needs to be put in on the slot screen to avail the benefits of the offer.

35% Slots Bonus of up to £420

An impressive 35% bonus is being provided by the Vegas Mobile Casino on a minimum deposit of £20. This offer is available by using the promo code ‘APR’ for slots.

Together, the free spins can sum up to 210 with a cash win of £1260.

All of these free spins slots bonus offers are available throughout the month of April and can be claimed three times each. The offers are available on both mobile slots and PCs for the gamblers who like playing on our site. A minimum deposit needs to be made to avail each of these offers and the amount varies from game to game.

The offer is valid from the coming 6th of April to 30th April. So, don’t let this chance of a lifetime go in vain and grab your favourite mobile casino slots at Vegas Mobile Casino. With so much free spins slots bonus at hand, who knows if you are the next jackpot winner?

Vegas Mobile Casino – One Stop Destination

Whatever theme of slots you are looking forward to, Vegas Mobile Casino is a one-stop shop for all your gaming needs. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity this entire April.

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