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Blog Posted on 03/09/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Stereotyping of the Slots Players

Do you want to be pegged inside a square or a round hole? Or, do you want to follow your own path? Well casino owners are forever trying to peg you into some slots (pun intended). On a serious note, the intuition of the casino gaming experts is to fit the players into different stereotypes; is one way of targeting the players. Knowledge is power when making money and that is what the casinos want. Just like in every other business area; having a clear cut picture about the betting habit of the players visiting your casino really helps. It makes sense to give out offers, promotions and extra bonuses which are specific to these slots players. This is an incentive for them to make them continue playing at their casinos.

So what type of slots player are you?

You are targeted based on your betting habits. Whether you are a compulsive gambler looking for your next fix, or else the casual player looking to have fun; you are permanently slotted. There are three types of slots players who are making millions for the casino owners.

Casual Slots Player – They are ones who are just playing for fun. They are more interested in the gameplay and enjoying the theme, overall design and graphics of the game. They are mostly the nickel slots players who enter the casino with just enough money to make a few extra bucks.

Aggressive Slots Player – Such slots players are the ones who are more focussed on winning the big jackpot. They are not reluctant to losing their bankroll, even if it means they can have a shot at winning big. The players are unwilling to play for the small but regular payouts that the game offers.

Average Slots Player – Sandwiched in between the two players is the average slots player. They are not intent on playing for the big jackpot. They are also not willing to leave out the small but regular winnings. Any winnings that the game offers, he is ready to take it and leave the game. He is happy to leave with just enough money to break even. If the big win is added to it, it is an added bonus.

Does typecasting of the slots players work?

The casinos are just waiting for the high rollers to show up at their door steps. It is just for them, that the high payout rates for the casino slot games are given. They are lured by the exceptional and tempting promotions and special offers, right from the time they join the casino.

The casinos thought process of one size fits for all is passé. With the changing demographic of the slots player, they are fostering new paths to lure the new and existing casino slots players. As a marketing strategy, it is the best bet (pun intended) as they are spreading their chances of landing potential new players, with their brisk promotions.

On a fun note, take at look at the other different typecasting that the slots player, peg themselves. Some peg themselves as the degenerate gambler out there for a wild time with no worries.

Others put on a serious mask and call themselves as the responsible gamblers. How responsible they are is anyone’s guess. We should probably ask their families (lol)! Others call themselves the penny slots players who make a beeline to these slot machines. There are those, who don’t to be pegged into any of these and call themselves the nomad!

There are those slot players who chase the bonuses. Play the games until the bonuses are completed and move on to the next one.

Whichever slot type you want to be pegged into; depends on your risk taking ability and the time that you are willing to invest. The last thing that you want is to lose all your bankroll and return home empty handed. Play with common sense and enjoy the slots game.

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