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Blog Posted on 05/12/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Top Strategies to Play Online Deuces Wild Poker

The enjoyment of playing a game necessarily lies in winning it. For winning at online Deuces Wild Poker game, you need to know more than simply learn to play it. The first and vital thing to remember when playing this game is that you will have four 2s on the deck, and you can substitute them or any other card of a different rank. This is where the excitement of playing the deuces comes from.

Top Strategies to Play Online Deuces Wild Poker

An example is where you may have a spades deuce, which can also be used as the fifth card to end a complete flush in diamonds. You should be aware that you don’t ever discard a deuce.

Hand Rankings and Payouts of Online Deuces Wild Poker Game

The following is the ranking from highest to lowest of the payouts and winnings in an online Deuces Wild Poker game.

  • Royal Flush with No Deuces – When five coins are bet on A, K, Q, J and ten other of the same suit, the payout will be 4,000 coins or even more. It will, however, pay 250 coins for every 1 – 4 coins that are bet.
  • Four Deuces – You will be paid 250 on every coin bet when you have four wild cards in a single hand.
  • Wild Royal Flush – Make a royal flush with one or some deuces, and you will be paid 20 – 25 for every coin bet.
  • Five of a Kind – If you have any five cards that have the same value, that include one or some deuces, you will be paid 16, 15 or 12 per a coin that you bet.

What you can expect from online Deuces Wild Poker game?

When you have the following hands, know that the payments will be the same. That is regardless of whether they have contained deuces or natural hands.

  • Straight Flush – Get five consecutive cards, and they will pay 10, 9 or 8.
  • Four of a Kind – Four cards of the same value will pay 5 or 4 for every coin bet
  • Full House – You get three cards of the same value and two cards of a different value, and they will pay 3 or 4 per every coin bet
  • Flush – Five cards in no particular order but of the same suit will pay 3 or 2 per every coin bet
  • Straight – Get five consecutive cards but from a different suit and they will pay 2 per every coin bet
  • Three of a Kind – When you get three cards of the same value now that in Online Deuces Wild Poker Game, they are the lowest paying hand. They pay at 1 per every coin bet.

Strategies For A Standard Game
The following are some the strategies that you should take when you are dealt the following cards in an online Deuces Wild Poker game.

  • Four Deuces – You can only hold onto them because you can improve the hand
  • Three Deuces – You can hold the deuces only, or keep five similar cards or a wild royal flush
  • Two Deuces – Keep any hand with four similar cards, any other four cards to a royal flush, or just the two deuces.

Now that you know the strategies to play online Deuces Wild Poker game. Play at Vegas Mobile Casino now by logging in through your desktops, tablets and mobile devices and enjoy great real wins.

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