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Blog Posted on 07/09/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Survey Reveals Tyrion Lannister as Britain’s Favourite Game of Thrones Character

The verdict is now loud and clear. In a recent survey conducted by Vegas Mobile Casino, Tyrion Lannister has proven himself to be the most favourite of all characters in the Game of Thrones slots. The poll was conducted amongst 2400 fans of the show. The role of Tyrion, wonderfully played by Peter Dinklage, has been liked a lot by the audience as well as slot players. Tyrion has done such a great job that he has surprisingly managed to beat the Mother of Dragons in the race too.

Survey Reveals Tyrion Lannister as Britain’s Favourite Game of Thrones Character

Tyrion – the smartest Lannister in the Game of Thrones Slots

If you have witnessed some of the Tyrion Lannister episodes in the seventh season of Game of Thrones, you will definitely admit that the smartness of the character is outstanding. Neither good nor bad, neither a hero nor a villain, has Tyrion simply played the role of the smartest Lannister. He is quick, witty, flamboyant and outrageously funny. His qualities make him endearing and thus, he has been rightly chosen to be the topper.

Heartfelt Affection from Thousands of fans in Game of Thrones slots

The character of Tyrion Lannister did not climb up to the top instantly. When the season’s initial episodes were aired, the character made his mark on the viewers and gradually started getting more and more viewership. With growing fame and an ever-expanding pool of fans, Tyrion struggled and won the battle. The way he helped Daenerys to reach her ultimate goal was awesome. His cool attitude was his big positive point.

Peter Dinklage had Second Thoughts at first

You would be surprised to know that It was not easy for Peter Dinklage to take up the role at the very start. First of all, he was afraid to be cast as a ‘Fantasy Dwarf’ in the Game of Thrones online slots show. Showrunner David Benioff and the co-creator Dan Weiss had quite a challenging time trying to convince Peter to take up the role. Once Peter Dinklage managed to shed off his hesitation about the dreaded appearance, the rest of it was just cakewalk! Now, it is difficult, or almost impossible to imagine Tyrion in any other face than as Peter Dinklage. He has just lived the role perfectly.

Not flawless, but definitely Beautiful

You might have seen Tyrion commit many mistakes and it is easy to count his flaws. But, actually, the show wanted to portray a character which had flaws but was still loved. So, Tyrion has been shown as a serious womaniser as well as an addicted drinker. But, still, this Lannister in the Game of Thrones slots is the most loved one. In fact, Tyrion has bagged the rightly deserved title of being Britain’s favourite Game of Thrones character. Play Game of Thrones slots at Vegas Mobile Casino now.

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