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Blog Posted on 11/03/2020 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Top Tech Innovation in Mobile Gaming

Whether you look at the download numbers, revenue, or engagement, mobile gaming is quite evidently dominating the app market. All marketing trends point to this fact. 

When it comes to innovation and the most advanced technology, the mobile gaming niche comes at the top. From Virtual Reality (VR), amazing graphics (2D, 3D, and 4D) to Augmented Reality and cross-platform gaming, the latest mobile gaming technology is repeatedly developing the mobile games platform and pleasing the gamers. 

Top Tech Innovation in Mobile Gaming

There are a host of gaming companies that have shifted their primary focus and investments in developing mobile games. But not just gaming companies, all technology companies are researching and developing new gear and accessories to support and enhance the mobile gaming experience of the users. 

Some of these new technologies are: 

VR and AR 

VR (Virtual Reality), as well as AR (Augmented Reality), have an enormous range in the gaming space. Both of these gaming technologies blur the lines between the real and the virtual game world. Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation that simulates any environment that exists in real life. Augmented Reality provides additional information in digital form and in real-time while gaming. Both these gaming technologies provide you an immersive and exhilarating gaming experience right on your mobile phone. 


Mini-games are small and tiny games that are often planted inside other mobile games. Mini-games normally do not require any further installation and are ordinarily combined to encourage distribution and competition among players. Eventually, this increases their engagement and revenue. 

Wearable Technology 

This is a serious contender for one of the most revolutionary innovations in the mobile gaming world. This is an extension of your mobile gaming experience. Wearable technology includes wearables like watches or wristbands. They allow you to play games over a network. For example, this is very popular today in games that promote health and weight loss. Many mobile developers are looking to incorporate and make wearable tech a central feature of their mobile games. 

Custom Game Features 

Customisation is an excellent way of retaining gamers. With custom features allowed inside games, the player feels connected and feels a part of the game. This is something that every player likes, but this is not limited to games. We humans like to give every belonging of ours a personal touch so we can feel a connection to it. Games, including custom features, allow the audience to pick the features they desire or enjoy. This may depend on your preferences and dislikes, or the time you dedicate to a certain game. This enhances the gaming experience and is certainly a basis for the player to hold to that mobile game. 

Social Features 

Social gaming is now an enthusiastic trend, but now, game developers are viewing towards realizing more extensive and interactive social features in mobile games. Such features enable the users to share and invite a friend and compare scores and compete with each other. It’s like playing together with your friends in your backyard. This helps players stay involved with the gaming community, and this is a big reason multiplayer games have prospered. 

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Mobile eSports 

eSports is becoming more attractive for players than ever. There are sponsors, and there is an increasingly bigger audience that is interested in watching eSports. Experts predict a huge rise in the engagement in eSports in the coming years. The awareness and interest in eSports are rising day by day. Many gamers consider gaming a serious profession already. This upsurge in their popularity can be credited to the remarkably adaptable conditions that the newer mobile phones provide. 

Cloud-based games 

These games will create history in the way games are being played and developed. This is an interesting approach where the player controls a game on a cloud server but can stream it on their mobile devices without even installing the game. The advantage of cloud gaming is that the only requirement is a high-speed internet connection. The mobile gaming experience is not limited by the speed of the processor or the amount of RAM your mobile phone has.  

Mobile Games for Elderly 

Most of the mobile games today are made for the younger audience. But some developers have noticed this divide and opportunity and have begun developing mobile games for the elderly people who are young at heart. Some people need an interesting way to pass their free time, and this segment of the market is growing as the population is getting older on average in every country.  Mobile gaming for the elderly or the adult audience could be a big trend in the mobile gaming industry. 

These were a few trends in mobile gaming in 2020 that will prove to be revolutionary and change the mobile gaming experience forever. Watch out!

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