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Blog Posted on 19/04/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

The Origin of Scratch Cards Online

Games of chance are a broad category in which scratch cards online falls into, believe it or not. Scratch cards are easily one of the simplest and stress-free games available on this planet and for this and more reasons are immensely popular all over the globe.

In case you were wondering just how scratch cards came about and what they are all about, read on and get schooled just a little bit!

Scratch Cards Online Games

Lotteries Kicked Off Scratch Cards Online

The concept of scratch cards online essentially evolved from the then-extant national lottery system. It was devised in the year 1974 as a computer-based instant win game for the Massachusetts Lottery.

Unexpectedly, the new game proved to be a hit, with gaming developers scrambling to find new ways their cards could be used to send gamblers over the moon! In the year 1987, the very first scratch card patent was issued in the US and that same year, scratch card games started making an appearance and were sold from lottery kiosks and in the traditional casinos of the period.

In the middle of the late nineties, online casinos started to come into being, with this made possible by the relentless advances in tech. As these casinos appeared, scratch card fans urged them to feature scratch card games in their collection. This they did, with this serving to make scratch cards much more popular than they already were, if that could be believed.

As the popularity of scratch cards online exploded, gaming developers helped this along by releasing the most innovative scratch card games they could think up.

Why Scratch Cards Online Are So Popular?

A big reason for the massive popularity of scratch cards online has to do with their simple rules and convenience. All that is needed is for players to purchase a ticket online from the comfort of their home, office or anywhere else and via mobile or desktop.

Such cards are then clicked on, with this action scratching the cards and revealing the icons they conceal. A win is assured if the icon unveiled is the same as that chosen by a random computer program. What could be simpler!

Scratch cards are also very popular due to their low cost of entry, especially when compared to other online games. Thus, ticket prizes cost from ₤2 to ₤10.

Even when losing, players of such scratch cards are comforted with the thought that their money will in large part be used to fund all manner of charitable enterprises. In places like the UK, the National Lottery oversees such events.

Scratch cards boast several advantages that most other games of chance lack. They are amazingly simple to play, come in varied flavours and are still able to deliver some potent fun and wins. What’s not to love about such games!

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