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Blog Posted on 16/10/2020 | Author: Karen Macarthur

The Pit Boss Casino Duties and Responsibilities: A Quick Sneak-Peek

The Pit Boss Casino Duties and Responsibilities: A Quick Sneak-Peek

A pit boss is not only a hot and handsome dude, but he has some duties and responsibilities to play. This is because a pit boss is the manager of the casino, and no matter what game you play, he will always be your boss. Most of the time, when you are sitting at a Poker table, playing against your worst nightmares, you see that the pit boss is changing the cards. He sometimes answers the phone calls, manages the drunk gamblers, or even gamblers shout at them when they are upset? Why do you think they are so popular? It is because they are casino managers. In this post, we are going to talk about the duties and responsibilities of every pit boss casino.

What are the Standards of Pit Boss Casino?

To become a pit boss, you don’t have to perform a certain educational degree for sure, but there are some standards and personality requirements for this position. Of course, without any prior experience at a casino house, you wouldn’t be able to become a pit boss. Moreover, most casinos want a pit boss who was once a dealer at a casino. Also, to become a pit boss, you need to learn the rules of each casino game. This is because a pit boss casino takes care of all the players who follow the rules correctly. 

Not only will you have to have immense experience in casino games to become a pit boss, but you will also need to have great attention to detail. Even if you want to become a pit boss at an online casino or online Poker game, you’ll need to learn everything about the games at the table. Apart from that, you should be able to monitor every situation at the casino table, and on the floor, you need to learn how to manage every type of customer, and so on. 

A simple high-school degree will work if you pass all these criteria, and afterwards, they may make you more effective with certain training programs.

The Pit Boss Casino Duties and Responsibilities: A Quick Sneak-Peek

The Responsibilities of Pit Boss Casino

Before, a pit boss used to take care of all the games by themselves, but today, they are the heart of all the tables in the casinos. They run a dozen games at the table, watch the dealers and how they play their games, etc. In a word, the job of a pit boss casino is the most respectful job of all times. 

Not only do the pit bosses manage games, but they also look for errors made. They make sure if the proper procedure has been followed or not, and most importantly, they make sure if the guests are treated well. They need to oversee the paperwork of the casino games, and they manage a great attitude between being authoritative and friendly. While they take care of the rating sheets, table game inventory sheets, credit sheets, other documents, shift reports, they maintain the same attitude. 

All the best pit bosses possess one similar thing; they are kind yet very strict. It’s hard to ignore them, but they ooze confidence and know-how to steal respect from their customers instantly. Over time the pit bosses boost their personality and skills by working with different customers. They learn better management skills, negotiation skills, logical thinking, and some other criteria that every pit boss has in common. The thing is, to be a pit boss, you need to be top-notch in the casino industry as well as in your personality development. 

Player Disputes

If a player or a dealer makes any mistake at the online roulette table, the pit boss will come around to take action against the situation. His decisions will be final, and he will take care of any disagreement or requests at that moment. If the situation needs an extended dispute, then that will be taken care of by the manager on behalf of the casino, and the Casino Regulatory Agency or Gaming Control Board. 

Additionally, the responsibilities of the pit bosses also include credit, surveillance, comps, and game protection as well. They have plenty of other paperwork responsibilities. 


Paperwork is important for running a large mobile casino or land-based casino, and pit bosses casinos take care of all those stuff. Pit bosses, along with floor supervisors, manage various important things like dealer schedules, vacations, time offs and breaks, duty scheduling, shift changes, etc. They are also responsible for guest interaction, game protection, floor paperwork, table wins and losses, credits, inventories, and so many other similar things. 

How Much Does the Pit Boss Casino Earn Per Year?

Casino authorities make money on a monthly basis, and the pit boss is the highest-paid person among them all. Since apparently, the pit boss has enough responsibilities than others, they get around $50,000 and $75,000 per year. It’s the average annual salary of the pit bosses casino. But dealers can earn tips from the customers, who are one thing that a pit boss cannot. Of course, pit bosses make some extra money from bonuses and other benefits, but sometimes dealers make more money than them by getting tips.

$24 per hour is approx pay of a pit boss casino, but the tips make the dealer a more desirable position than pit boss. Though the pit bosses don’t make much by getting tips, they are still the highest authorities in the gambling industry. 


If you think that the position of pit boss is still not your type, then you can go for other casino jobs. Let’s just say a dealer as an example. Whatever casino job you choose to pursue, you need to have high experience in all of those table games. So start from being a gambler to being a pit boss of a popular casino. 

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