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Blog Posted on 20/12/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Things To Do in London on Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrated in most Commonwealth nations and has a very interesting history behind its origin. It is mostly celebrated a day after Christmas i.e. Dec 26th unless it is a Sunday. Talking about the origins, this occasion is celebrated as a gesture of acknowledgement to the servants and tradesmen as they receive gifts from their employers or customers for all the services they render throughout the year. These gifts are known as the ‘Christmas Box’ coining the term – Boxing Day.

Boxing Day is also popular as a shopping holiday, especially in the UK Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Thus, the retail store sales hit skies every year on this day.

In the capital city of London, you can do numerous things on this Day. Some of these are listed below:

  • Have a good Golfing session at the Junkyard Golf Club this Boxing Day

Shed some calories gained from the Christmas dinner at the Junkyard Golf Club. The gates are open from 11am-11pm on Boxing Day.

  • Go on an adventure spree at the Boxing Day Orienteering

Visit the lush green Trent Park for an awesome adventure spree. No membership required, register an hour before and get yourself ready to dive deep into fun.

  • Smug yourself beneath the white sheets of ice at the Somerset House skate

Slip into the 18th Century courtyard at Somerset House to forget the world outside. The timings are between 10 AM- 9.15 PM.

  • Drench yourself in the lights in the Foodie Christmas Lights walk

Take your partner to the cosy pub in the city where Joanna Moncrieff will lead you to a foodie tour of the Mayfair and Soho. What’s more, there will be historical snippets and hidden gems along the way in case you are interested.

  • Dance your heart out at the Bump Roller Disco

After being done with your Christmas hangovers in the morning, Bump Roller disco would be the best place to jolt yourself out and move a leg or two.

  • Enjoy the London Guided walks

Go on a historical tour of the London city. Jo Wilkinson and Karen Lansdown will make you revisit the history lessons, and you will be nothing beyond mesmerised knowing about the history-making events and characters of London.

  • Experience the best ever Ice games at the Jewish community centre

The Jewish arts, culture and community centre in West Hampstead offers an ice rink to skate, play ice hockey and play such other ice games. The place is open until January 8th. There are eatables available inside the piazza in the 50-minute session.

  • Enjoy the beauty of the Christmas Kew Gardens

The gardens get illuminated with striking lights on the buildings, trails and planting around. The gardens are open from 5–10pm on the Boxing Day.

  • Party in London in the Boxing Day parties

Go to London best-ever discotheques and carefully choose according to your taste of a perfect party night out.

  • Festivities pelting in at the Southbank Centre Winter Festival

You will literally be awed by the festive shows and performances at the Southbank Centre Winter Festival with a host of fun-filled activities.

  • Take a round of the city bathed in Christmas Lights on a Bike Tour

A three-hour bike ride is offered at various places of the city. Don’t let the Christmas fever go down on the Boxing Day and ensure to catch the illuminated glimpses of the city of London.

  • Hyde Park offers massive tribute to the festivities in Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland offers a free entry into the fairground rides. Don’t miss the Santa Land or the Christmas markets to buy titbit stuff like showpieces and hangings for those beautiful walls of your houses. The place is open till 10 P.M.

  • Become part of a yet another awesome venture at the Canary Wharf Ice Rink

This ice rink is well in line with this year’s theme of ‘LuminoCity’ and the place is laid with over eight km of LED lights on the ice sheet around. An outdoor viewing terrace is also present in the area to give you a view of the world outside.

  • Watch creativity personified at the museum built of natural history on an Ice Rink

Created over a backdrop of Alfred Waterhouse’s history museum, trees are adorned with bright majestic lights. The designers have also placed a Christmas tree in the centre to give the perfect festive feel to the place.

  • Visit the world famous Madame Tussauds museum

Awe yourself and fill yourself up with life, paying a visit to the lifeless wax creatures in the Madame Tussauds Museum and don’t forget to take a ride on the’ Spirit of London’ tour here.

  • Picture the very Picturesque Wetland Centre

Befriend yourself with the colourful flora and fauna at the London Wetland Centre. You cannot have sight better than viewing beautiful landscape of lagoon and extensive pastures full of multi-coloured birds.

  • View the one of its kind Novelty Automation

Watch the old school animation at Novelty Automation’s eccentric artistry. Tim Hunkin, the owner has done a fabulous job here.

  • Visit the Shakespeare’s Globe Exhibition

The exhibition is open 9am-5pm and also displays elegantly designed costumes from early productions of Shakespeare.

  • Time for some horror at the London Dungeon

If you had too much of the festivities, then visit the medieval-style horror museum to visualise the waxwork displays of horror arts at the London Dungeon.

  • London Eye

You would certainly not need a reason to visit the London Eye on the Boxing Day. Get a good look at the tiny-looking huge Windsor Castle situated 25 miles away.

  • Raise your detective antennae at the Sherlock Holmes Museum

Flock up the museum to watch the Baker Street detective going gaga over murder weapons, Victoriana, waxworks depicting scenes from the stories. Don’t forget to shake the whiskers of his favourite Watson.

  • Enjoy some Christmas left in you with the animals at the London Zoo

Shake hands with animals at the London Zoo and wish them Merry Christmas. You will have a chance to visit over 600 animal species, don’t miss a peek at the ‘Meet the Monkeys’ attraction and the ‘Animal Adventure children’s zone’.

  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

This Tower Bridge houses bizarre stuff from all across the world. The place comprises of matchsticks, the Berlin Wall, a Swarovski crystal-covered Mini Cooper and the painting ‘The Last Supper’ made on a single rice grain.

  • Not to miss the sea life at the London Aquarium

Dance around the Shark Walk and gel up with the Gentoo penguins at the London Aquarium.  The place is open all day from 9AM-7PM.

So, there is absolutely no reason for you to sit back at home on your couch and scroll the internet and abuse the TV remote. Festivities are all raining outside all set to welcome you in white snow, covering all the London streets. Get up and experience all of this yourself this Boxing Day.

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