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Blog Posted on 08/08/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Top Tips to Play Online American Roulette

Out of the three main variants of Roulette, the least preferred game is the online American Roulette. The reasons are quite obviously – The two zero positions and the house edge which is higher than the French and the European formats. But there are players who still prefer to play this variant because of the overall design. If you are one those who prefer this then you better know how to win at it.

Top Tips to Play Online American Roulette

Be a Winner at Online American Roulette with these Tips

  • Keep track of game results

This is one of the most basic strategies to follow at any Roulette game. It may be hard to judge which is a better position to place your bets at the beginning. But as the number of games you play increases, it eventually narrows down to fewer frequent winning positions. If you keep watching the results of your games, you will be able to identify positions where you can win more frequently.

  • Do not always rely on outside bets

Though outside bets at online American Roulette offer better win probability over inside ones, you cannot always win here. Since the payout is just 1:1 on your bet, every loss here will be equalled and you will not make a profit that way. If the losses are more than a win here, you will end up losing your money. It is difficult to be consistent in beating the outside bets too. If you still want to place your bets here, make sure the amount is very minimal than the inside.

  • Real wheels for the real deal

Roulette is a game where you can expect best results only on the real table. The online versions mostly use random number generator that can work against your odds. So if you are playing online, make sure it is a live dealer one that is played using a real wheel. This will enhance your wins based on your predictions because you would know the pace of the wheel and movement of the ball inside.

  • Give it a try before you bet

There are several online American Roulette demo version that can be played online without losing anything. You can get hands on experience, especially if you have never played this variant before. This gives you the knowledge of the control and game options, and helps you understand the rules as well. With a demo play, you can even test your prediction skills and see how it works for you. This will prepare you well for the real money game.

  • Look for Bonus Offers

When you are planning to play online American Roulette game, see if there are any promotions going on. Casinos offer bonuses from time to time and you can win additional funds that can help you play more games on your deposit.

Play it like a Pro Now

Once you get used to following these tips, you can easily expect to beat the Roulette wheel. With time, you can master these strategies and become a pro. How about giving these tips a go at Vegas Mobile Casino?

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