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Blog Posted on 30/05/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Top 10 Tips To Win at Progressive Jackpots

When it comes to winning huge stakes from slot gaming, progressive jackpot slots online rule. There are many such games at Vegas Mobile Casino and each one has its own unique set of rules and paytables. It is very important to read them well, before applying these tips.

Top 10 Tips To Win at Progressive Jackpots

What do Experts Say About Winning Progressive Jackpot Slots Online?

  1. Look for any monthly cash outs

This is a big NO as the very reason behind playing progressive jackpot slots online is to win big money and take it home. Some sites might be tricky and chances are that they offer your winnings in bits and pieces or set monthly limits to withdraw. You do not want that to happen and this is the reason why you must thoroughly read the rules.

  1. Choose the right time to play

Every progressive slot has a happy hour for jackpot payout and this may not be the same always. It can occur randomly anytime but with a closer look at statistics of earlier payouts, you can determine an approximate best time to play the game.

  1. Random jackpot wins

There are some random jackpot slot games that are not usually built on any specific rules. These are different from designated progressive slots category. Here the winning chances usually increase with the increase in the bet amount. So make it an occasion to play high stakes betting in such games that can improve your chances.

  1. Auto play in progressive jackpot slots online

Winning a progressive jackpot requires hundreds of spins in most cases. The number of spins, the better are your chances of winning. Look for a progressive slot that has auto play feature and use the least betting amount to set 50 or 100 or more auto spin.

  1. Set a budget limit

Progressive slots are often addictive but you do not want to lose more money than you can afford. So it is always better to set a certain budget for these games. Plan your budget in a way that you get to play a maximum number of spins within your affordability. Once you reach the amount, never bother to continue.

  1. Do not chase a jackpot

Progressive jackpot slots online attract you to stick to the game for long. Never make it your ultimate goal to play until you win. You will end losing more money that way. If you have played for few days or weeks but still have not won anything, it is ok to give up.

  1. Bonus terms and conditions

Not every casino site allows you to use your bonus funds in playing jackpot slots. These terms not usually highlighted in the game. So read through all the terms and conditions to understand if you are allowed to use a bonus or not.

  1. Payout percentage

Every jackpot slot has a certain payout percentage and it is different in each game. Compare the games and see which progressive jackpot slot offers the highest. Go with the top valued game since it will have better winning probability.

  1. Read the paytable and rules

Every game has an information tab and the paytable tab. Read and understand both this information. This will give you a better idea how much to bet and when to increase or decrease your bet amount.

  1. Look for the most awarding game

There are many progressive jackpot slots online and it is not difficult to find out the game where most people have won. So use your research skills here to compare the games and frequency of the payout or winning. It is obvious you must go with the one that ranks the top.

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