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Blog Posted on 23/06/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Tips to Win at NetEnt Live Casino games

There are several winning strategies that can help the players while indulging in NetEnt live casino games. The techniques that have been discussed in this article can be utilised only for live games.

Make sure to observe the deck of cards carefully especially in a game of Blackjack. Pick Blackjack, Roulette, Three-card Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker to play against live dealers. It is best to register and verify the account for receiving a personalised invitation to a lot of events, free games and reload bonuses.

Tips to Win at NetEnt Live Casino Games

How to Beat the Dealer in NetEnt Live Casino Games?

Do you wonder that it is easy to win at land-based casinos as opposed to live casinos? You must have a lot of apprehension about these NetEnt live casino games. The best thing to do is to educate yourself on the topic. The more you know, the more are your chances of winning the game. When terms of winning strategies are concerned, the main difference between live casinos and land-based casinos are:

  • After each hand in card games except Blackjack, the deck is shuffled by the dealer. Cards are shuffled in a real casino too but not that frequently. Semi Shuffle is what that is done by the dealer after a player secures a major winning combination. This helps in avoiding duplication of combinations. It is best to note the actions of the dealer while playing the game. If the deck has been changed after a deal to a new one, it would be useless to count cards in such cases. In live casinos, the situation can change any minute.
  • The live dealer at NetEnt live casino games runs the ball from various numbers. The ball is usually run from the winning number in classic Roulette at a land-based casino. This helps the players in guessing the winning sector if they have worked on a strategy of running the ball by that dealer. In live casinos, the balls are run by the female casino dealers. They run the balls from the sector closest to them. Therefore, the runs are from various sectors and numbers. Keep an eye on the hand of the live dealer during the gameplay. Carefully observe from which number the ball is run if you are using “bias” strategy.
  • The dealer is not changed during massive losses or wins. It would not really be necessary that one dealer would bring more luck that the other. However, in a game of big winnings, the dealer is changed to break the streaks of luck of the player. The dealer may also leave for the second shift which lasts for 20 minutes. In a live casino, the dealers are changed frequently. This is because a lot of players play simultaneously.

As it can be noted, there isn’t much difference in the strategies one can use in NetEnt live casino games and land-based casino games. However, few things pay when attention is paid. If you play based on the assumption that there is barely any difference between live and land-based casinos except for the kind of visual information received, then you can utilise all the strategies that you would deploy in a land-based casino in the live casino as well without any apprehensions.

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