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Blog Posted on 05/03/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Top 5 Iron Dog Studio Slots To Play At Vegas Mobile Casino

Iron Dog Studio is an online casino gaming software provider that allows a platform for players, bettors, and professionals to play its vast selection of Iron Dog Slots games. This game provider is a part of the 1X2Network company and has involved a lot many games that are enjoyed by thousands around the world. Iron Dog Studio is based out of Hove, England and was a recent addition to the company 1X2Network as a provider that incorporates the amalgamation of technology with the classic games played in casinos around the world.

Top 5 Iron Dog Studio Slots To Play At Vegas Mobile Casino

Top 5 Iron Dog Slots That One Must Try

  1. Treasure of Horus: An ancient Egypt gameplay that involves characters and elements that resemble the past and the rich history of Ancient Egypt!
    • Symbols include Hieroglyphics and other similar characters from ancient Egypt like Pharaohs, deity symbols etc.
    • It involves a 3X5 grid layout which offers a total of 20 paylines.
    • Free spin round is triggered by landing Anubis on the third reel
  1. Cosmic Crystals: A slot game that awards you rewards that are out of this world – quite literally! This slot game is an interstellar themed game that offers interstellar awards as well!
    • Low Variance game, a slot game that gamblers would prefer to play
    • It involves a 5-reel grid with 5- fixed paylines
    • The theme revolves around gems and glistening chunks of precious matter that explode as well as churn in an interstellar and astronomical soup of clouds
  1. Siren’s Kingdom: This Iron Dog slots game depicts the ancient Greek Mythology which claims to have once ruled the entirety of this world.
    • 5-reels and 3-row grid layout are offered in the game. It involves a total of 30 fixed paylines.
    • Characters and symbols depicting ancient Greek mythology.
    • Expanding wilds and scatters along with free spins and bonus rounds offered in the game
  1. Neon Jungle: A party themed Iron Dog slots game that depicts the tropical lifestyle of living in Brazilian forests!
    • 5-reel, 3 rows grid layout is offered in the game. A total of 20 paylines available
    • Symbols and characters depict animals and plants that are found in Brazilian rain forests
    • A shimmering neon glow around specific symbol triggers multiplier and free spin rounds
  1. Moirai Blaze: A slot game that depicts the rich heritage of India. Just like the festival of Diwali, this game involves a rich display of colours!
    • 7-reel, 7- rows grid layout
    • Symbols consist of an assortment of different lights
    • Wild symbols and multiplier rounds trigger the free spin features as well

Vegas Mobile Casino – The Best Place to Play Online Iron Dog Slots Games

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