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Blog Posted on 19/02/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Top 5 Space-themed Slots to Play!

Are futuristic time and distant land your fantasy destination? Well, if are a sci-fi fan and would love to delve into far away planets or challenge yourself with aliens, robots, stars and universe – there is a whole world of space-themed slots waiting for you.

Technology has made it possible for mobile casinos to bring about the blend of beautiful graphics in their casino world today.

Here are the 5 space-themed slots for you to play and get into the extraterrestrial world!

Top 5 Space-themed Slots to Play!

Space-themed Slots NRVNA – Travel Deep into the Galaxy

NRVNA is a NetEnt developed 5-reel and 30 payline slot game with an edge. It has horseshoes, diamonds, cherries, stars and other symbols all glowing from the galaxy on board along with a design that takes you deep into space. The slot game features a jackpot of 483000 coins. This space-themed slots game treats the player with bonus, free spins and multipliers.

Flux – A Journey Back To Space

Like tiny objects floating around in the space and emitting light to cast new figures, the Flux slot game is a representation of what happens in the space. The symbols include these tiny objects, space light etc in a five-reel slot with 15 paylines. The audio and visual effects take you to space directly. The highest paying symbol is the yellow star stone which awards 24x the stake. The players have the option to play from 5 units of money to anywhere up to 5000. There are wild and scatter symbols bringing in more wins.

Starscape – A Short Visit To The Stars

Starscape 5-reel and 25 payline setups are designed by Microgaming to take you on a ride to the starry night in the universe. Players see a background of stars and a forefront of planets like Mars, Venus, Saturn and its rings, comets and a lot of stars on the reels through the space-themed slots – from the cockpit of their spaceship! The main goal here is to get a maximum number of same symbols on the reels. The more the symbols match the higher is the win.

Gems Odyssey – Shines Brighter for you!

This is a 5×5 slot game that is designed by Skillzz Gaming and unveils a world of shining stars and an imaginary world. The slot game features a lot of gems, stars and shining stones on the reels for the players to combine and win. Gems Odyssey features some of the biggest bonus and jackpots for the players to win. Hint: Get more than 3 symbols on the reels that are similar.

Stardust – Feel The Twinkling Dust!

With a retro touch and an 80s feel, Stardust is a perfect space-themed slots for a ride to the galaxy. In 5-reel and 40 payline slot game, it offers the players a unique chance to win up to 100,000 coins. There are coloured gems, stones, galaxies and stars on display with heavenly music and theme running in the background. As the name suggests, the game offers perfect stardust and beyond.

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