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Blog Posted on 12/09/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Top 5 Casino Slots Videos

Online slots have achieved new heights in the gambling industry. They are fun, exciting and keep the adrenaline rush increasing! They can very conveniently be said to be the next big thing in the market. Casino slot videos add to the fun element of the slot games. Whenever a new slot is launched, a casino slot videos always come along with it. Discussed below are the top five casino slots videos available online.

Sight Seeing with Hong Kong Tower Casino Slots Videos!

The first slot to make its way into the list is Hong Kong Tower. Powered by Vegas Mobile Casino, this slot offers 99 winning combinations. This is a five reel slot and is based on the theme of the tallest tower situated in Hong Kong.The slot is beautifully designed and is a perfect visual treat. The tower is lit blue and has the magnificent view of the city. The hustle and bustle of the city in the background literally give you the feel of the top of the tower.The slot video is sure to take you amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.The animations are extremely attractive and slick.  This slot video is the perfect example of alluring graphics, attractive sounds and breathtaking animation. The slot is the ultimate visual treat and is quite engrossing.

Take a look at the casino slots video of this nightlife

Find Peace with the Tranquil Shangri La Casino Slot Video

This beautiful Asian themed slot is a real treat to play. The slot is set amidst the mighty Himalayas and has Tibetan feels to it. The mellifluous music in the background is extremely soothing and pleasant to the ears.The beautiful graphics are simply pleasing to the eyes and the melodious music is bound to experience you ultimate peace.The slot is intricately handcrafted and has an unmatched charm to it. The slot is simply ethereal.

Watch the casino slots videos and enjoy the tranquillity


The Mighty Casino Slots Videos – Warlords: Crystals of Power

Warlords: Crystals of Power are themed in the medieval era and are centred on the final battle to prove one’s supremacy. The Priestess, the Samurai and the Barbarian are in a battle to prove their prowess and rule the world.

It is the perfect blend of fantasy and the middle age battle that shows in our casino slots videos. The slot is immaculately designed and the 3D graphics are exquisite to look at. The warriors along with the swift slick creatures such as panthers and wolves are quite certain to attract your attention. The slot is splendid in all the true senses. The slot video is perfect epitome of power and bravery and is best suited for players with a taste for middle age battles.


Enter the dense, deep Forest with Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild

This slot is particularly handcrafted for all the travel hoarders and hikers out there. The slot is set amidst a marvellous jungle with the beauty of nature engulfing you at every step. The beautiful flora and faunas are bound to leave one amazed. The backdrop music is equally complimentary. This is one of the casino slots videos which beautifully portray the beauty of nature and is sure to attract environment hoarders. The graphics are quite pleasing and animations are smooth and slick. This ultimate wilderness is set to leave you exhilarated and thrilled.


Grab your share of Wonder with Well of Wonders

This slot is literally wondrous. The casino slots videos is handcrafted quite differently and can be very safely said to be different from all the slots available online. The beautiful treasures popping out of the well is treat to the eyes. The graphics and the background music is simply hypnotising. The slot is designed to tickle your taste buds. The slot is seamless and one of its kind. It is extremely simple yet very enthralling.

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