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Blog Posted on 15/09/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Top Cat Slots Launched!

Top Cat slots are based on the Top Cat cartoon that needs no introduction to the people born before this cartoon was released in 1960’s. Even though the cartoon had a very short run of just 30 episodes but it was one of the most popular cartoon series amongst the children. This series shows the exploits of some cats that live in New York City. In order to realise their dream of becoming rich quickly, these cats indulge in some not so lawful activities.

Top Cat Slots, a Tribute To A Classic Cartoon Series

The symbols in the Top Cat slots bear complete resemblance to the characters in the cartoon series. Blueprint Gaming brings to you this slots game based on this Hanna-Barbera cartoon series. This slot game is full of bonus features and there is a feature dedicated to each Top Cat character.

Top Cat Slots Launched at Vegas Mobile Casino!

Let us know about each of the characters in the TV series one by one and their respective bonus features.

Top Cat (a.k.a TC) – He is the main character of the series. He is quite a clever cat and wears a mauve hat with a vest and yellow fur. He likes playing tricks on others including the police cat Dibbles. But he loves his gang and always helps anyone in need.

Benny – He is the right-hand man of Top Cat who is blue coloured and wears a white vest. He and Top Cat are good friends. Benny is a very innocent and a sweet cat. In Top Cat slots, Benny appears on the spinning reels and presses a button on his remote. This adds a number of Televisions to the reels. The reels stop spinning when he presses the button on the remote again and each TV reveals a mystery symbol on the bonus feature called Benny’s Colossal TVs.

Choo-Choo – He is called Chooch by the gang. He is pink coloured and wears a white sweater. He resides in a fire house and is devoted to Top Cat. Often, he himself doesn’t know what he is doing. But in Top Cat slots, Choo knows exactly what to do. He will come to the centre of the reels and a piano will then drop on his head. Stars appear on his head and they fly on the reels and turn random symbols into wilds on Choo’s Piano Wilds bonus feature.

Brain – Brain is an orange cat who doesn’t have any brains at all. But at times, he can utter something brilliant of which the Top Cat takes credit completely. But on the slots game, he, as a symbol unleashes fire hydrants which appear under every reel. The water from the hydrant can turn any reel wild. Once all 5 reels are unlocked and winning combinations are rewarded, the round ends on Brain’s Water Wilds feature.

Spook- He is an olive coloured cat and the wisest member of the group. He is the one who takes charge of any situation that arises within the gang. In Top Cat slots, when Spook’s Mice is Nice feature is triggered, Spook appears landing mice on each reel besides the symbols. Top Cat whistles and the mice jumble symbols to make a winning combo. This continues until Officer Dibbles appears and this round ends.

Fancy-Fancy – He is a very handsome looking brown cat who is usually seen talking to the ladies. He knows how to talk nicely to everyone. He is also the one with a heart of gold and this can be seen on Fancy Fancy’s Hot Dog Respins feature. A giant hot dog lands on reel 5 and you get the Respin Bonus. A hot dog vendor appears with hot dogs. The reels then spin when Fancy-Fancy and the group makes an appearance with the fishing line. The fishing line drags the wild stack to the left. This continues until all the wilds are shifted to the leftmost reel.

Why Not Experience This Slot With Innovative Bonus Features

Relive your childhood as Top Cat slots brings a combo of fun, hilarious and huge wins. The graphics is that of what we had experienced on our television sets.

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