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Blog Posted on 26/07/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

 Top 16 Interesting Facts about Scarface Movie

There are many movies that have become legendary and Scarface is one of them. This movie gave a new identity to Al Pacino. His acting is truly remarkable. This is definitely one of the best masterpieces of Hollywood by director De Palma. There are few interesting facts about Scarface movie that you may not be aware of. But if you are reading about them for the first time, you are sure to be left surprised.


Astonishing Scarface Movie Facts That You Didn’t Know

  1. This movie is not the first by its name as there is a 1932 version. The older version is also based on an American gangster’s rise and fall. It was producer Martin Bregman’s idea to take the movie to a modern level.
  1. The character Tony Montana’s name was named after footballer Joe Montana. He was screenwriter Oliver Stone’s favourite player.
  1. Though the movie’s name is Scarface, this word was only used once to refer Tony in the movie. And that too, it was in Spanish ‘Cara Cicatriz’.
  1. The cocaine used by Al Pacino in Scarface movie was revealed by De Palma that it was actually powdered milk.
  1. Director De Palma initially dropped out of the project because he did not like the initial drafts of the script. Sidney Lumet was then taken on board to direct the movie.
  1. The scene where attackers enter Tony’s house was actually shot by Steven Spielberg on De Palma’s request as he was his friend.
  1. There is a total of 207 ‘F’ words used in this movie. It is calculated as 1.21 of this word per minute in the movie.
  1. Before Michelle Pfeiffer, six actresses were considered for the role of Elvira. This was because De Palma was hesitant because her movie Grease 2 did not do well at box office. Carrie Fisher, Sharon Stone, Kelly McGills, Sigourney Weaver, Glenn Close and Geena Davis were all on the list before.
  1. Oliver Stone himself was into cocaine habit that gave him a first-hand idea about the effects of the drug.
  1. Scarface movie was dedicated to the 1932 version director, Howard and screenwriter, Ben Hecht.
  1. The story brought in the South Florida cocaine wars to the movie on a suggestion by Sidney Lumet.
  1. Direct Lumet dropped because he felt Oliver Stone’s script had exaggerated violence. De Palma, on the other hand, liked this script and joined the movie.
  1. Al Pacino was Bregman’s first and only choice as the formed acted in several of his movies directed by Lumet.
  1. Due to protests by Cuban-Americans in Miami, the movie only survived shooting there for two weeks. The rest was completed in LA, NY and Santa Barbara.
  1. In the final shootout of the movie, the massive muzzle flash from guns was result of synchronisation of gunfire with an open shutter of the camera.
  1. The chainsaw scene in the Scarface movie was based on the true incident. Stone managed to get the story from Miami-Dade County police.

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