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Blog Posted on 05/08/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Top Strategies to Win at Online Keno

The casinos want you to believe that winning at Keno is completely based on your luck whereas this is not the actual case. Playing smart is the ultimate key to winning in the game. The land based casinos do not offer as higher payouts as the online casino does. More important than anything to win at Keno, it is required to play smart rather than mere gambling on the odds of winning. Following are some of the strategies for winning at online Keno. They have been tried and tested by strategists to give better results in paying high payouts.

Top Strategies to Win at Online Keno at Vegas Mobile Casino

These Strategies Tops the List in Winning Big at Online Keno

  • Dummy play- Before actually involving yourself in the paid gameplay, it is highly advisable to play just for fun to go through and learn the tips and tricks. Playing without real money would help you practice. Practice is the ultimate key to learn and win in Keno. Dummy play would let you know if a particular approach actually results in some kind of win while mastering the gameplay at online Keno.
  • Choosing the online casino- It is highly advisable to choose a casino that offers you the highest payout percentages. Compared to land-based casinos, online casinos offer better payouts to the users. Following this technique while playing online Keno would significantly reduce the house edge.
  • Pick consecutive numbers and not more than 5 or 6- It is believed that picking more and more numbers would increase your chances of winning which is not what really happens. Picking 10 or more numbers decreases the chances of winning as suggested by keno experts.
  • Do not change your chosen numbers and pick numbers which have not turned up in a while- For winning in the longer run, it is recommended to stick to the numbers you have already chosen. They might be your lucky numbers or your birth date, but changing them during the play will significantly lower your chances of winning.
  • Suggested “Round Robin” approach in multiple cards Keno- This online Keno winning strategy is best for 20-card Keno and features rotating sets of numbers to create a new winning combination on each card. Label each set as “set1”, “set2” etc consisting of 2 or 3 numbers, for all the 6 selected sets. After that, you play a card consisting of 3 sets of numbers. Use the round robin approach and then create each card by taking all 6 sets of numbers. Generate each combination of 3 out of 6 which is possible.

Playing Keno Online at Vegas Mobile Casino

These are a few of the tips and techniques to win at Keno. If you are a Keno player and want to win huge, follow these strategies and see big wins rolling into your pockets. Play now at Vegas Mobile Casino.

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