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Blog Posted on 21/03/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Top 5 Tips To Play Live Roulette Online

Roulette is a casino game played across the world and if you are playing for real money then it is essential you know the rules how to play. If you are serious about winning some real money playing live Roulette online, you better learn some techniques and strategies on how to place bets and win. These 5 tips will help you win some real money but can be used in free play to understand how they work.

Top 5 Tips To Play Live Roulette Online at Vegas Mobile Casino

Tips Useful While Playing Live Roulette Online

  1. Choosing your bet: This is the first step of beginning your Roulette online and very important one as blindly choosing your amount and the position you bet can put you at a risk of losing. So it is always better to start with lower and minimum amount permissible in the game. Instead of placing your bet on a particular colour, number, odd or even it is better if you split your amount into two or more elements of the game.
  1. Bet Placement: In live Roulette online, it is better to choose an odd number of positions such as three, five or seven if you want to make the profit, else you might end up in a draw in most cases. You can bet even on two, four or six different positions and stand a chance to win big too. The idea behind choosing more than one position is to minimise your losses, especially when you are not one of those pro gamblers who usually play on their own strategy.
  1. Choose a Betting System: There are many ancient systems of betting that can be applied while playing live Roulette online. Systems like Martingale betting and D’ Alembert betting dates back to 18th century and designed by popular mathematicians after whom the systems were named. They offer proven results in gambling and are very easy to follow and apply in your game. They are simply and result from oriented systems that you can easily rely on.
  1. 2 to 1 Columns: This is really an amazing feature you can find in Roulette where betting on one of three columns can win you 2 to 1 times your bet. The best part is it allows you to bet on all three columns, however, it is best you choose any two columns to split your bets on. Even if you win on one of these, you will earn your profits as the loss is 1:1 and gain are 2:1. For example, if you place £1 each on two of these columns your bet amount would be £2 but if you when at least one then you win £3 which makes you £1 profit. So chances of you winning are more in this strategy and minimise your losses too.
  1. Playing Straight Up: This is where in live Roulette online you can win high stake with 35 to 1 your bet amount. Though this move requires a lot of luck, this strategy in live Roulette online is still worth giving a shot. But with this, it is always better you choose a lower amount to bet to minimise your losses.

Know the Game Before You Begin

Roulette is a casino game that offers different combinations of betting and requires certain strategies to win money. There are many betting systems that are often tried and tested in this game, each with various results. Some are ideal for high stake gamblers while some suit beginners or occasional players.

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