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Blog Posted on 04/12/2018 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Triple Your Wins On This New Fruit Machine Slots

For a while, fruit machine slots have been the rage and have been enjoying an amazing popularity. These have to do with their extreme ease of use, simplicity and the fact that they let players connect with a bygone era.

Every day, a set of new fruit machine slots are released to a very receptive audience, which might be why 1×2 Gaming sought to jump into the fray by unleashing its Fruity 3×3 slot. And what a slot it is!

Triple The Fun, Maximise The Action with Fruit Machine slots!

The Fruity 3×3 slot is a welcome addition to the classic slot genre. It, however, carves a path all its own with its slick combination of sweet and innovative gameplay mechanics that are seamlessly coupled to charming bonuses.

Play Fruit 3x3 Slots

For the beginners, this classic-themed fruit machine slots online is unlike the majority of other slots on the market which usually have 3 and up reels. Instead, the Fruity 3×3 does one better by having 9 distinct slots in a single game. Every one of these slots sports 3 reels and a single payline.

These slots take up nearly the entire screen real estate, with the bottom part being left vacant and filled with the varied gameplay buttons. Incidentally, these buttons are given distinct colours to enable players to easily tell them apart.

Players of this slots online can pick and choose how many of these different slots to play per round. Thus, some slots considered unlucky or which are positioned inconveniently for the tastes of players can be turned off. Incidentally, this can be necessary considering that the slots on the bottom appear to pay out much more frequently and heavily than those at the top.

Fruity 3×3 Slots And Its Fruity Icons!

The icons found in this decidedly unusual fruit machine slots online include bars, 7s, bells, stars and fruits like cherries, lemons, apples, oranges, pears, grapes and watermelons. However, as this slots online faithfully follows the classic theme there are no special icons like wild or scatters, nor are there bonus rounds where players can get frightfully lucky.

However, these are not actually needed, as the game is well designed to compensate for that, with the icons popping with colour and the audio effects helping the on-screen action go down as if slicked with grease!

Get Sweetly Fruity With Fruity 3X3 Slots!

The Fruity 3×3 slots can be accessed on both mobile and PC. This helps boost its fan-base as the players can thus play anywhere any time they feel like catching triple fun!

Triple Fun Awaits At Vegas Mobile Casino!

The Fruity 3×3 slot is just the latest addition to the charms of Vegas Mobile Casino, the biggest, best and brightest where mobile gambling experience is concerned! Play the Fruity 3×3 slots today if you feel like overdosing on some serious fun and sweetness!

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