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Blog Posted on 21/08/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Mobile Casinos Various Types & Differences

Mobile Casinos are the next logical step for all the top casino game providers. Surrounded by all the trappings of modern lifestyle, we are increasingly depending on the smartphones for our every small detail. It’s only natural for the top casino game providers to have their own range of games that’s compatible with the latest mobile devices. You have different types of Mobile Casinos that cater to the variety of mobile platforms.

The phenomenal growth of the smartphone revolution has them develop games that are playable on all the different mobile platforms. It has casino games that are compatible for all the Android or iOS platforms based mobile phones and tablets.

Selecting the Mobile Casinos for playing

The first priority should be the reputation, valid gaming licenses, and the credibility of the Mobile Casinos. It ensures that the casino software is safe to download and install.

Most of the Mobile Casinos only allow real money play. So it’s important for the players to know which of the Mobile Casinos have games that are suitable for playing on their mobile devices. They should work on the iPhones, iPad, Android, Blackberry or Windows platform.

Various banking options, withdrawal methods should be available for the players to make safe online transactions. All the player information should be confidential and not allowed for any third party interferences or hacking.

Types of Mobile Casinos

Keeping the above points in mind, the Mobile Casinos can be categorized into the following types. It is based on the type of Mobile platform on which it can be downloaded and installed. The games collection is not varied as in the online or land based casinos. Being relatively new technology, the Mobile Casinos are continuously adding new games.

Android Casinos

Android is by far the most popular operating system. Outpacing the iOS based iPhone, iPad in terms of numbers is the Android devices. It is compatible for almost all the mobile devices such as Samsung, HTC, Acer and LG. Easy and regular software updates make them increasingly popular.Running smoothly on all these devices, you have different apps that make them smarter. All these apps can be easily downloaded from the Goggle Play Store for free or money.

Android Casinos are another name for the Mobile casino software. They are designed to run on your Android devices. You can download this software as an app or directly play from the website. Either way the games can be played on your Android devices.

All the Android Casinos have the same games category as in the regular online casinos. The only difference is that they are optimized to be compatible for the smaller screen sizes. A regular casino account lets you access the Android games. All the same promotions and bonuses that are available in the regular casinos are applicable here also.

iPhone/iPad casinos

The iPhone/iPad is the next big thing in mobile gaming. The iPhone/iPad was the ruling mobile devices until Google’s Android gave it stiff competition. While extremely user friendly, its internet capability is the biggest plus for the iPhones/iPad. Using the iOS platform, it takes mobile gaming to a new level. Players are access the mobile games using the touch screen technology of these mobile devices.

The iOS casinos support all the iPhone/iPad. It gives the players the same level of excitement and fun as in a real casino. The traditional gaming casinos are releasing newer gaming apps that’s compatible for these iPhone/iPad. They can download it from the Apple iTunes App Store for free or paid versions.

For the gamblers who want to play their favorite mobile games while on the go, playing on their iPhone/iPad is the perfect option.

Blackberry Casinos

The Blackberry Casinos are Mobile Casinos that are designed to cater to the Blackberry phone users. Although these phones are mostly used in Asia, it is becoming increasing popular in the European market as well.

The widening market means the online casinos have more players to cater to. The Blackberry Casinos offer them the same games as in an online casino. The small differences may be in their lesser game selection, or game interaction. They can use the Blackberry apps to play their favourite games on their mobile phones. You can expect a good line up of Blackberry supported mobile games in the future.

Windows Casinos

Another option for the mobile phone users, the Windows Phone mobile OS from Microsoft, has gained widespread acceptance. Windows Casinos are the latest offering for these users. The convenience and ease of playing the mobile games while on the move, has made the online casinos to offer Windows Casinos apps. Players have access to their exclusive games, bonuses, features and promotions. Not as popular as the Android or iOS Casinos, it is on its way to be one of the top Mobile Casinos.

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