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Blog Posted on 02/10/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Different Types of Online Bingo Games Play & Win Cash

Take a look at the average time a typical Online Bingo Game finishes in. Usually with less than 5 minutes, the online casinos have to deliver the same thrill and frequent wins as in any real Bingo Games. With this in mind the Bingo Rooms in the Vegas Mobile Casinos have a number of online Bingo Games with lots of winning opportunities to win the bingo bonuses and jackpots.

No longer is it the old woman’s game, online Bingo Games is played widely by the younger lot with the same enthusiasm. To spice things up, there are a number of variations in the themes and ideas for the online or mobile versions. Both the versions are compatible to play on any of the mobiles or tablets. Add the free No Deposit bonus to further spice it up.

Variety Is The Spice of Online Bingo Games!

The main styles of Online Bingo Games are the 90 Ball and 75 Ball Bingo games. All the rest are slight variations which are equally exciting to play and win. Differentiating factor is the themes and patterns which are announced beforehand by the casinos. The growing popularity is due to its wide array of Bingo Games that appeal to all the player’s tastes.

90 Ball Bingo: Popular across the UK, the player has a card with numbers shown in 3 rows 9 column grid. Each row again has 5 numbers totalling 15 numbers. A single game has players scratching of numbers from 1 to 90 to complete the winning pattern. The player wins if he gets one line, two lines or Full House. The Bingo jackpot is given when a Full house is obtained by daubing all the numbers on the ticket.

75 Ball Bingo: The popular version common across the US, the 75 ball bingo game has the players daubing of numbers from 1 to 75. Taking less time to finish than the 90 Ball Bingo game, it has fewer numbers to be crossed out. It is played across 5 rows 5 columns totalling 25 squares. There is a single free space at the centre. Each column is headed by the letters B, I, N, G and O and covers the numbers from 1 to 75. To win the players must mark 5 of the called numbers in a straight line – vertical, horizontal or diagonal. The other variants of the online Mobile Bingo Games are as below.

80 Ball Bingo: A mix of the 90 and 75 Ball Bingo version, it comprises of a 4×4 grid. Each column is marked with a separate colour. Similar to the US version, the players have fewer winning patterns to mark off the card.

Mini Bingo/30 Ball Bingo: A quick fire version of the standard Bingo Games it is played across a 3 x 3 grid with 9 squares. Each Bingo card is played with 30 numbered bingo balls. Fewer numbers mean less time to complete the game in turn more winners per hour. Sometimes called as Speed Bingo, it is quick paced with the numbers being called rapidly.

Pattern Bingo: It is another variation of the 75 Ball Online Bingo game. It has the caller announce the particular shape or pattern before the start of each game. It could be a letter such as L, T, O, X etc., or diamond, crosses etc.

Coverall/Blackout Bingo: Alternately called as Full House in the UK, Blackout in the US. The players must cover all the numbers of the ticket before the 41st ball is called. The game is also associated with the progressive jackpot.

Texas Blackout: The first called numbers must be either even or odd. If it’s an odd number, then all the odd numbers of every card will be marked off. It is the same for all the even numbers. The game finishes with a blackout.

Now the fun part of Bingo Games starts. Practically any idea or theme can be turned into a Bingo Game. Instead of numbers, players can play online Bingo using names, objects, etc. It can be also used as a teaching aid for the children.

The most interesting way to spend time with family and friends is to have a round of Bingo. Fun and frolic are the ingredients for a great time. The incredible variations to the traditional Bingo games have a tremendous fan following among the online players. Mostly played for fun and the excitement, the thrill of winning the Bingo prize only makes it tempting.

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