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Blog Posted on 13/05/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Ukash Payment Option in Vegas Mobile Casino

Ukash makes for a terrific payment method for funding your casino account. Simple and effective, it requires no divulging of your personal or bank account details. It is safe from potential hackers and frauds, i.e. as long as you keep your details disclosed.

Acquiring the Ukash vouchers is simple. Just visit the shops, stores and kiosks which offer the Ukash vouchers and get them for the required amount that you want. You will get a unique 19-digit number code which has to be entered to make an online payment.

The best part of using Ukash at Vegas Mobile Casino is that you can either use the entire amount or a part of it for making a payment in the online casinos. The balance amount or change will be returned back to you as a new Ukash voucher with a separate 19 digit number. This can be used to make a different payment.

There is also the Ukash prepaid MasterCard. It’s similar to the other Master Cards. You load your prepaid card with cash, and use this for making a payment. Even if it is misused or stolen only the loaded cash is lost. It is unlike the credit/debit cards, where all your bank and account details can be tampered or hacked.

Pros of using Ukash

No prizes for guessing, which the most convenient online payment for casino gambling is? Ukash tops the list as it’s an extremely safe, convenient and easy method.

  • Scoring over the other banking options, it is the anonymity that it offers to the players. There is no need for them to divulge any of their bank account or personal details to the Vegas Mobile Casino.
  • As a method of containing your gambling activity, it is the best option. There is a limit to the amount of the Ukash money that a single card has. Usually it is 500 pounds per card. Plus for a single transaction, you can deposit £20 to £50. By this method, you are being responsible about gambling.
  • Another plus for the Ukash is the easy availability of the E-vouchers. You can buy the E-vouchers of the required denominations from any of the retail stores, kiosks, shops and even through online websites. It’s a simple process, which requires you to just pay for the required amount.
  • Quick and safe deposit of the amount to your casino account. No processing time, waiting for third party approvals etc. it’s quite helpful when you are in the middle of a game and require instant funds.

Cons of using Ukash

Probably the only negative of using the Ukash is that you may lose the card. Unless and until you have given your E-voucher to someone else, it is the safest way of making a deposit to your casino account.

Even in that case, you can get a replacement card, provided you confirm the details regarding when, where and the amount for which you have bought it.

You cannot make a withdrawal from your casino account using Ukash. It is a big drawback, considering that this is the safest banking option. Using other banking options such as credit/debit cards, wire transfers, cheques are the only way out of this situation.

Online Gambling is a fun activity provided it’s done within limits. Anything in excess is always bad, so is the case with gambling. Use the Ukash facility to fund your Vegas Mobile Casino account and enjoy the big wins that’s coming your way.

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