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Blog Posted on 16/10/2018 | Author: Karen Macarthur

An Ultimate Guide to Return to Player (RTP)

How many of you have been left baffled with the casino lingo? You need to keep up with the commonly used terminologies to master the casino games offered by online slots UK. Were you aware that RTP has a message to offer to the players? This term refers to the return to player rate of a slot in question. It is generally expressed in terms of percentage. If you still are not clear about what it is all about, then this post will make you aware of the importance of this casino term.

Guide to Return to Player (RTP)

What Actually is RTP with Online Slots UK?

There is no specific definition of RTP. It represents the rate at which you would receive your invested amount while playing online slots UK. Casino RTP implies the percentage of total gains over the total bets placed. However, this calculation is purely theoretical. This means that the calculations have been done for an extended period of play and does not represent the pattern when the game is played each time.

Calculating Returns To The Player

An RTP can be considered to be a measure of all the casino games played by all the players when pooled together. For instance, if you make £250 by wagering £10 in a session, then you cannot estimate the RTP to be 2500%. This also means that other players have experienced a lower RTP than what is advertised on a particular slot.

If we take a look at various RTP data, you may figure out that even good slots yield different returns during every session. Theoretically, this should be equal to the official RTP usually offered with online slots UK. You need to understand that even the slots with highest RTP can return less despite the claims pertaining to wins potential.

Why is it Essential To Pay Attention to RTP?

You may be wondering why to consider RTP when it does not provide a clear picture of the gameplay. The flipside is that it represents the house edge. Every casino has a house edge which explains the profit earned by online slots UK on each casino game. House edge is exactly opposite to RTP. For instance, if a slot offers an RTP of 96%, then it implies that it has a house edge of 4%. This is the percentage that you will theoretically lose to the house.

Both RTP and house edge can offer valuable information to the players if they are into high payout slots. Either of these figures would not predict what would happen during a game in the short term. However, these do have the potential to predict the long-term results. It also predicts how much of a sure win casino you are trying your luck at. Online slots UK that have RTP of less than 94% are considered to be money grabbers. However, there are other slots with variable RTPs. The RTP value changes during the course of the game and these tend to offer better outcomes.

Should you Consider RTP?

Players should not always rely on low house edge and high RTP online slots UK games. They must consider the variance or volatility of the slots. Volatility refers to the risk possessed by the slots inherently. Slots with high volatility pay out large sums but once in a while. Low volatility slots tend to pay out small sums but frequently.

High RTP Slots Abode at Vegas Mobile Casino

Now that you are aware of the basics, you can try out the incredible slots with high RTPs offered by Vegas Mobile Casino. This reputed mobile casino of the UK provides a fantastic collection of high RTP slots to its dedicated players.

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