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Blog Posted on 09/10/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

The functioning of slot machines: An overview

Functioning of slot machines

The concept of the game of slots is totally fascinating. Originally introduced as a way to distract non-players at a casino, today slots are one of the most popular casino games and perhaps more lucrative than even table games like Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. The best thing about slots is that you don’t need any knowledge or skill to play it; anyone can have a go by just pulling the lever and see where their luck takes them. Slots are so easy and so popular that some online casinos even provide free slots as a promotional offer. A game that is so popular with the crowds and so profitable for the casinos, bringing almost 60% of their annual income, let us look at how slot machines work.

Ingenious design

One of the fascinating facts about a game of slots is that the way it is played hasn’t changed much from its original design. Basically, it runs on the concept of reels and winning depends on images on the reels matching with the pay line. In almost all the slot machines, including free slots, you have a few reels (typically three) with pictures or images on them. Players can look at the reels and the images as well as the pay line through the viewing window.

When the lever is pulled the reels are set into motion and then come to a stop. A player wins in case the images on the reels are the same as that of the ones on the pay line. This is the most basic design of slot machines and has been so for ages now. Whether you are a fan of conventional slot machines or online slot games or even free slots this is generally what you experience. 

The transformation of the slots machine

When we say that the slots we are playing today haven’t changed much from the time they were introduced, we are generally talking about the outside design. The way people play the game hasn’t changed much over the years but how the slot machine works has changed consistently. 

The inner mechanics of the machine has been regularly updated in tune with the latest technological upgrades and new inventions. All through the ages, casinos and slot machine makers have always taken advantage of the latest technology to make the machines bigger and better.

Functioning of slot machines

The machines of the past

Basically, slots machines started off with mechanical parts. In the beginning, the machine was simple and worked on a system of gears and levers. Then as more components were added to the game like stops, the mechanics of the machines became more complicated. All this drastically changed with the invention of electricity and the computer.

Slot machines received a major upgrade and were designed to run on the Random Number Generator, which they do to this day. Then, at the beginning of the 21st century, when the internet was the trending subject, and every business was trying to get its foot online, the slot machines got a technological makeover once again. Today, you don’t need to go in search of brick and mortar casinos to play a game of slots; you can just find your favourite game and play it online.

Online slot machines are a thing of convenience that allows you to play 24×7 and from the convenience of your house. If you so desire, you can even have a go at the free slots available online. Thus, from mechanical devices to electronic devices and now to them being just computer programs, slots machines have experienced a constant and systematic upgrade over the years to make them more exciting and engaging for the player.

The current situation

Currently, slot machines are at the height of their popularity. The convenience of the being available online and the fact that slots are so easy to play attracting people to try the games and fall in love with them. In fact, this newfound popularity is encouraging slots games developers to create games that appeal to the current generation. This has resulted in games that are much more exciting and engaging as compared to the conventional format.

The popularity of slots is so great today that casino companies are providing free slots and even mobile slots games for the enjoyment of their users. This means that players can enjoy the game without having to invest a penny and they can enjoy slots on their mobile devices too. And finally, the availability of themed slot games is making this game an enjoyable, exciting and engaging option when it comes to casino games!

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