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Blog Posted on 05/07/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

The Uniqueness of Russian Roulette over other Roulette Variants

Most of you would consider playing games for fun or going to casinos to try out your luck, one game changes it all. Russian Roulette is a game of luck in which a real 6 bullet revolver is loaded with a single bullet and the wheel is spun. After this, all the participants have to fire once on themselves and try to avoid the live bullet; you will have to fire even if you know death is certain. This is perhaps a very interesting game on its own, but the fact that you could get killed while playing it is truly scary.

The uniqueness of Russian Roulette over other Roulette variants

History of Russian Roulette

The game got popular a long time ago due to a short story that described a scenario where some Russian soldiers were playing this game. The story was called the Russian Roulette and most probably this is how it got named as well. Although there is no record as to when and where it all began, but as the name suggests it was first played somewhere in Russia. This may seem like a bad idea to you but after a bottle of vodka even you might be interested in playing. This game is sure of chance as everyone has a 1 in 6 chance of firing a bullet and killing themselves. It may seem like a movie material and thrilling game but ask someone who has played this game, it isn’t.

Russian Roulette v/s other Roulettes

Normal roulettes in the casinos involve tables that have a wheel with numbers written on it. A player has to place bet on a number and the dealer will spin the wheel, after that you will have to throw a small ball into the wheel and when the wheel stops the dealer will check if the ball has landed on the number you choose, if it has landed on your number, you have won. Traditional roulettes are a fun game that involves chance factors and rewards you for winning.</p

However, in Russian Roulette you have to use a real 6 round revolver, a single round of ammunition will be loaded into the cylinder and then it would be spun and shut-in its place. After this, every participant has to point the muzzle at themselves and fire, this is where you are at the mercy of your fate as there is 1/6 chance of killing yourself every time you shoot. There is no reward for winning as well.

How to play it safely?

There are a variety of products that are available in the market to simulate the game of Russian Roulette. Some video games offer a similar simulation. One of the products that simulate the effect of the game is, a gun that has a balloon at its muzzle, every shot fills up more air into the balloon and the person who takes the shot when balloon bursts die.

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