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Blog Posted on 02/08/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Various Casino Heroes Technological Advancements In Gaming Industry

The gambling industry is notable for always being forefront in conceptualising and integrating new and novel technology. This makes offering the newest and most peerless goods and services to the casino clientele easy and stress-free. As such, the casino heroes are those casino specialists whose job is to keep an eye on new technology and figure out how it can best be applied to improve current casino operations.

Technological Advancements in the Casino Heroes Gaming Industry

So, what are the top technological advancements in the casino industry that are worth noting? Read on and find out.

Casino Heroes Are The Bomb

The top technological advances in the casino industry that can be attributed to varied casino heroes are as follows:

  • Online Casinos – the results of the invention of the online casino was as properly earth-shaking as any self-respecting earthquake. For the first time ever, players all over the world no longer needed to go to an actual casino before they could play varied casino games. They could instead simply log in to the casino website via their mobile devices or PC and access just about any casino game, slots, bingo, keno and more that catches their fancy.
  • RFID Chips – it used to be the case that some folks stole casino chips and cashed these later. Casinos used to be powerless to prevent such fraud until technological advances led to the invention of RFID chips by some casino heroes. These chips were identical to the normal ones but had inbuilt radio chips that emitted radio frequencies that were then read by special casino software. The invention of the RFID casino chip by casino heroes has resulted in the total eradication of the act of stealing casino chips. This is because when such chips are stolen, the casino concerned simply sends radio frequencies that makes them forever useless.
  • VR – virtual reality is the new frontier. One that is incidentally being embraced by an increasing number of global populaces. While there are currently tons of VR headsets and VR video games, there are just a few VR casino games. This is set to change shortly as the technology matures and casino heroes set about making VR the all-conquering juggernaut that it is set to be.
  • Facial Recognition – now, most casinos have lots of security cameras. These cameras are used to watch for thieves, cardsharps, fraudsters and con artists. It was usually the case that these cameras were manned round the clock by security personnel. This, however, will no longer be the case with the invention of biometric facial recognition. With this gizmo, all casino visitors have their facial features scanned and compared to a casino database. Any shady character is immediately flagged, with the casino reserving the option of ejecting such a character. This is far easier, better and secure than was formerly the case and is being made the standard for all casino operations.
  • Cryptocurrency – lots of cryptocurrencies are now in use. Bitcoin is one of the most well-known. Using cryptocurrency for casino operations is very beneficial to both the casino itself and its clientele. As such, an increasing number of online casinos now support cryptocurrency use for financial transactions. That is as it should be.

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