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Blog Posted on 22/05/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

VIP Casinos – How To Become a VIP Player

One advantage of the casino player is the unlimited attention that the casinos shower on you. VIP casinos are the current favourite with bonuses and special promotions, which are a ruse to make you continue playing here. Among the thousands of elite mobile casinos which are showing up all over the Internet, picking one that suite your tastes, budget and needs is a tough call.

Add to this, the short attention span of the players, and the mobile casinos are tested continuously to retain and gather new players. VIP Casinos are the solution for this pertinent issue. Being treated like royalty and rewarding them for their continued loyalty towards the casino is one way of solving this matter. Being a member of this exclusive VIP Program is by invitation only. All the benefits and offers are tailor made to suit your needs.

Comp Points or Loyalty Points

So the next question is how to get those comp points or loyalty points. Customarily, whenever a player makes a real money deposit, and plays at the VIP casino, he is automatically eligible for the VIP loyalty points.

VIP loyalty points are an added incentive for the players to play at the online elite mobile casinos. Once sufficient VIP points are accumulated, they can be redeemed as cash, vouchers or other rewards. They can even fund your next game. It is left to the VIP casinos discretion, on how they handle the comp points and the different requirements as per their bonus policies.

Some of the online games are not eligible for these loyalty points. It is up to the players to confirm which games are eligible for getting these points. These VIP points are the stepping stone for entering into the VIP Program. It is a special program offered by all the elite mobile casinos to all the players. The more real money wager that he makes, the more points he gets.

How Does the VIP Casinos and VIP Program works?

Once sufficient comp or loyalty points are accumulated, the players are eligible for an entry to the VIP Program. The VIP management team of the mobile casinos will monitor your activity for the month. If the players satisfy their requirements, they will be extended an invitation to join this VIP Program.

Once inducted into this VIP Program, they will enjoy the various benefits and perks linked with it. The players continue to climb up the different VIP program levels, and enjoy the benefits of that level. Technically, to move up the VIP levels, the players will have to bet more and play frequently.

In an online environment, the player is rewarded with bonuses, special offers, tournament entries, free spins, free games and many more.

How to become a VIP Program member

If there is sufficient VIP points accumulated, the players are eligible for entry to the VIP program. The VIP Casinos will conduct periodic review of your account activity and determine your VIP level accordingly. An invitation is sent to the player to join this club.

Every one of the elite mobile casinos has their own rules and T&C for entering this elite club. Some of them induct the players automatically upon satisfying certain requirements. In others, the players should contact the helpdesk for more details.

The players, who have VIP status in another VIP casino, can also become the member of the current one. They can send the details to the helpdesk and get it confirmed.

Perks of being a VIP Member

The player has special privileges and benefits that come with being a VIP member. The VIP points can be redeemed for cash, bonuses or complementary gifts. In an online scenario, this is in the form of entry to tournaments, free spins, free plays or even special holiday packages.

The obvious perks that the player gets are:

  • Undivided and personal attention
  • Personal and dedicated VIP managers
  • Exclusive access to the new games, special offers and promotions
  • Quicker and faster payouts
  • Welcome bonuses and regular bonuses
  • Access to exclusive events and tournaments

In addition to these they can make bigger deposits without any of the usual hassles. The only catch to availing these perks is that they are under the preview of the VIP casinos. They reserve the right to change the T&C at any time. They can withdraw, change or entirely remove the VIP promotions, bonuses or other perks at their discretion.

The VIP Program is just an extra incentive for your continued playing at the elite mobile casinos. The main idea should not be on benefiting from the different perks of this program. This is part of your gaming experience at the VIP casinos and not be the main focus. Enjoy this added benefit while playing the real betting game!

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