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Blog Posted on 13/11/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

VIP Programmes Offered at Mobile Casinos

In this competitive casino gaming where the players are fickle minded when it comes to bonuses and payouts, VIP Programmes are a great way for them to return back for more. Ready to switch casinos to gain more monetary benefits, it’s imperative that these casinos work hard to retain their players.

As a reward for their continued loyalty, the casinos offer a reward system designed to make them feel like royalty. The exclusivity and personalised attention are the selling point for these VIP programmes. The entry to the classy and exclusive VIP Lounge of the casinos is by invitation only.

VIP Casinos Gaining Ground

The VIP Casinos are exclusive and tailored casinos that are offering special VIP bonuses and VIP promotions. While all the casinos offer these incentives to keep the online players happy, there are some online mobile casinos that go the extra mile. It’s a smart move by them as the players are made to feel as royalty with all the perks. They treat the player’s continued loyalty with these VIP Promotions and bonuses.

The players who are preferred and exclusive make it to the top rung. Their entire casino experience is tailored to suit their specific needs.

How Does VIP Programmes work?

By default, whenever a new player joins a casino and plays for real money, he automatically enters into the VIP programmes. Every time he wagers real money, the loyalty points start accumulating. The casinos conduct regular VIP Promotions to make them play more. You start at the bottom and climb up the VIP levels and enjoy the rewards of that level.

Becoming a VIP Casino Member

To be eligible for the VIP programmes, the player must have sufficient loyalty points accumulated. They are earned each time you play with real money. The more you play, the more points you earn. A monthly review of the points earned is done and the VIP level is decided.

Each mobile casino has its own set of rules and formalities to enter into this club. Refer to the fine print or contact the VIP Programmes helpdesk for more details. Once sufficient points are accumulated, an invitation is sent to the player to join the club.

Once inducted into this club, he can enjoy all the perks associated with it. The loyalty points can be exchanged for cash bonuses or complements. These can be redeemed to be used against the high end goods, food and dining options, cash back options etc.

You can also become a VIP member at one casino by using your current VIP status at another one.

Benefits of VIP Programmes

Along with the chance to be treated like royalty, you enjoy the personal attention that comes with it. You are given preferential treatment and other offers not given to the regular players. First access to the new games, quicker payouts and gifts are some of the perks of being a VIP member.

The VIP promotions that are offered to the VIP members at Vegas Mobile Casino are:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Regular deposit bonuses
  • Bigger deposit limits
  • Quicker Cashbacks
  • Dedicated VIP managers
  • Access to special promotions, events and offers

The catch of the VIP Programmes and its promotions are that these offers are under the casino management’s preview. The management reserves the right to withdraw, limit or replace items of the VIP promotions at any time. To avail these offers, the players need to be high rollers. Regular big bets will increase the loyalty points.

Remember that the VIP Programmes are just a side activity to earn extra cash. It should not be the main focus of your gambling habit. The promotions and the perks are just an incentive for the players to keep playing. Include this strategy to add to your bankroll aside from the regular gameplay.

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