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Blog Posted on 23/10/2019 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Is volatility in casino games an important aspect to consider?

Is volatility in casino games an important aspect to consider?

A very commonly used term in the world of casino games, volatility can be very deceptive. A term used to describe instability in real-world situations, volatility indicates a very different proposition when used in association with casino games. Let’s have a look at what volatility means when talking about casino games, the concept of high volatility and low volatility, what makes this concept important and whether to go for high or low volatility games to ensure continued success.

The concept of volatility

 Basically defined as the tendency to change rapidly and unpredictably over a period of time, volatility in everyday life has a very negative connotation to it. So, in the real world, volatile situations should be avoided. But looking at the definition, it is obvious that volatility is the underlying principle that governs casino games. Casino games are highly unpredictable, and change is a constant thing; it is the unpredictability and the excitement involved in trying to predict the outcome that makes gambling so popular. So, volatility makes gambling exciting!

Is volatility in casino games an important aspect to consider?

How is volatility important in playing casino games?

A lot of important factors related to players winning at casino games are tied to the concept of volatility. Important parameters like Return to Players, how often players are rewarded and how lucrative a particular game is, are all tied up with this concept. In short, understanding whether a game is low volatile or high volatile is one way to decide whether or not we want to play a particular game and also decide how best to play it.

Low volatility vs. high volatility games

The basic difference between low and high volatility games is the size of the jackpot and how often the game provides players with the jackpot. Before going any further, it is very important to remember that casino games are basically played with real money and hence, if players lose the game the casino wins money and if the player wins the game the casino loses the money. Hence, casinos are always looking to minimise losses.

Low volatility games are generally those that payout consistently but in a small amount. Hence, the players’ winning percentage on the low volatility games is high but the actual amount that the players get each time they win is small.

 On the other hand, the reverse is true with high volatility games. With high volatility games, the jackpot is huge, like 10,000 times the money players have to invest in playing, but the winning percentage is very less. Hence, the chances of winning are very low but if you do win you win huge.

 The online casinos today provide both high as well as low volatile games. We have games that provide frequent winnings to players as well as games that provide huge winnings. And most of the time the concept of high vs low volatility applies to most casino games though there are a few exceptions to the concept.

Which to choose?

 Now that we have understood the concept of high volatility and low volatility casino games the obvious question that comes to mind is which one better for the player. Though there is no simple answer to the question, the choice basically depends on what the players want from the said casino games.

The first aspect that determines what type of game suits you as a player is how you want to win. Basically, if you are someone who believes in winning slowly and steadily and in the concept of cumulative gains, then, you should opt for low volatility games. But if you are someone who is in it for the big wins then high volatility games should be your game of choice.

Secondly, the time you are ready to invest in casino games is another aspect that decides what type of game you should be playing. Basically, high volatile games are great in terms of the amount of money you can win, but you need to put in a lot of time and effort to unlock the winning combinations.

Finally, your bankroll also decides what type of game is best suitable. High volatility games generally involve big investment to ensure big rewards. Additionally, you need to keep playing for a long time to get the rewards. So your bankroll should be substantial enough to allow you to keep playing.

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