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Blog Posted on 05/02/2015 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Understanding volatility and variance in mobile casino games

How do mobile casino games operate?

How often had we wished for the jackpot symbols to line up on the reels? Just as we are ready to give up, they line up on the reels, paying you that elusive and big win. What happened here? You just saw what it is always known, that slot machines operated for mobile casino games are volatile. Are we talking about electronics or slot games? In the slots world, it shows just how unpredictable, the game can be. It tells you that you can win big, but can also suffer significant loss over time.

Expected Value and RTP in mobile casino games

Any mobile casino game that you want to play, will have the term expected value, volatility, variance and RTP (return to player) displayed prominently. If you understand these terms, you will make your casino experience slightly better, and more profitable in the long run.

To explain the expected value in layman language, the standard example you will see is that of flipping a coin. There is a 50/50 chance of you winning or losing. The EV will be zero because in the long run you are not going to win or lose.

In terms of the mobile casino bet, if the house edge is 3% for every 100 pounds that you wager, then the EV will be a loss of 3% of 100 which is 3 pounds.

In other words, if the RTP is 97%, which means that the machine will give back 97 dollars for every 100 dollars that you invest. If it were as simple as that, then nobody will be gambling. The RTP is calculated over time, for the entire lifetime of the mobile casino games slots machine for millions of spins. It is based on the law of average.

Generally, mobile casino games slot machines with higher RTP are better. Anything above 95% is good. The expected value and the RTP may be the same for the same bet across the casinos; it is volatility, or the variance of the mobile casino games that can make or break your bankroll.

Volatility and Variance: Different words but it means the same in terms of mobile casino games

In mobile casino terms, volatility and variance can be used interchangeably. This is more commonly used when describing the mobile casino games slot payout structure. It basically means the risk / chances of you winning or losing with regard to the placed bets.

It is usually associated with the risk involved that the player is willing to take while playing the mobile casino slots. Slot variance = risk involved.

There is a mathematical background involved when explaining the variance term. A high volatility/variance means that the risk is spread across a large area. A low volatility/variance means that the risk is limited to a smaller area.

There is no way to quantify or calculate the variance of a slot machine. You just have to play and find out for yourself.

Slots and its Variance / Volatility in mobile casino games

The cross section of the slots games includes the low, medium and high volatile slots. The low volatility slots are those which provide you the small but regular wins. The payout table is balanced with the correct mixture of prizes for the symbols.

On the other hand, the high volatile slot games are those which give the single biggest win with long periods of going without any win. It’s like a highly temperamental person, whose temper may flare up for no reason and he cools down quickly.

When to select low variance slots in mobile casino games?

If playing slots mean big on entertainment value, small but frequent wins; then you are definitely a low variant slots player.

Play these slot games, if you are on a tight bankroll and want to walk away, on a happy note. It will add a little extra to your original budget. For the new player, these games are a helping guide to understanding the game basics without losing a lot.

Playing these low variance slots, you can always get that lucky break and win big. It all depends on your luck and that single life changing spin.

When to select high variance slots in mobile casino games?

You can be a big spender with lots of cash to spare, and are willing to wait for that elusive win, then it means that you are a high variant slots player.

You must be mentally strong to wait out the long dry spell, while watching the bankroll dwindle. You can wait for the bonus feature guaranteeing the big wins, and miss out on a lot of action. If you can walk away from the slots as soon as your money becomes less.

Loose guidelines to finding a high volatility or variance slot in mobile casino games

There are no rules cast in stone, for finding the volatility or the variance of a slot game. The only way to find out is by playing. But the general thumb rule is that if it says that you can win millions of dollars as a jackpot, then it is probably a medium to high volatile game.

Check out the paytable for the game. If the maximum win is high, then it will take a long time to land this combination.

Secondly, if the difference between the 5 of a kind symbol wins and the 4 of a kind symbol, win is between 3x to 5x, then it is a low volatility game. If this is between 10 to 15 times, then you are looking at a high variance slot.

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