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Blog Posted on 15/07/2020 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Slots are the most popular casino games in both land-based and online casinos alike. This is because slot machines are easy to play and anyone can master the gameplay in a matter of minutes.

While there are a plethora of slots for players to choose from, the unicorns that most players are looking for at casinos are the loosest slot machines. Now you might be wondering what do they exactly mean? As such, read on to know what loose slot machines are and how to find them in any casino.

Look for loose slot machines in locations where they’re found

Casino mapping is a real thing, but it’s not as simple as you might believe. If finding loose slot machines were that easy, everyone would play those games to the exclusion of other games.

As such, it might be worth trying those games if they look like fun. They’re not more likely to be tighter than other machines on the casino floor.

Some areas in the casino tend to have a lower payout than others. These might include:

  • The main slot machine floor. These games are probably the most played, so they tend to have lower payback percentages.
  • Near the table games. These games also see more than their fair share of action. So, the same reasoning would apply.
  • Near the poker room.


Of course, there are locations where the loose slot machines can be found in the casino. These might include:

  • Any location in the casino that gets more traffic than usual. For example, slot machines located near the elevator might have higher payouts to attract players who might not otherwise play.
  • Anywhere where the other players recommend. While relying on anecdotal evidence is a classic mistake that many gamblers make, it’s might possible that you find a player who has been paying close attention and knows where they’re.

Look for slot machines with the fewest payouts

Generally, slot machines with a lot of paylines tend to have low payout percentages. Of course, they compensate for this by offering a high hit frequency. With 25 paylines, you have many more winning chances, even if the amount is lower than the amount you wagered in total.

So, it’s totally up to you to make smart decisions about which games to play. If it’s possible, find a traditional slot machine with a single payline right down in the middle. As these slot machines don’t have many features or bells and whistles, the casino can pay out more than other big fancy games.

Play the highest denomination game you can

It might sound surprising but penny slots are often as expensive to play as high-stake slot games. Here’s why:

Many penny slots require players to wager 5 or more credits per spin. Also, it’s quite hard to resist the temptation of betting on multiple paylines. So, if you find a game with 5 coin bets on each line and with 25 paylines, you’re already betting £1.25 on every spin.

As such, you can switch to a dollar slot machine and do a lot better. For one thing, you could just bet £1 per payline. Now you’re betting on fewer paylines then you’re on the quarter machine. And what’s really amazing is the difference in payback percentages; high-stake slots have higher payout percentages than penny slots.

Give online slots a try

Since online casinos don’t have the same overhead expenses as brick and mortar casinos, their games sometimes offer higher payout percentages. You must check the payouts and read the terms and conditions of the casino, though.

Of course, if you choose a licensed and reputable online casino, you don’t have to worry about that. And if you take the competition perspective to know how loose their games might be, you’ll find that online gambling sites are even more competitive than land-based casinos.


There’s no scientific way to find loose slot machines – the machines with the best payback percentage. The above ways are something more than guesswork, but they’re also not scientific. You can follow all the things listed in this article and still lose money at slot machines. So, you must prepare a budget for yourself before playing, and only bet the money you can afford to lose.

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