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Blog Posted on 21/06/2017 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Well of Wonders Slots: Wish for the Riches at Vegas Mobile Casino

Magic is one thing that never fails to mesmerise your senses and takes you on a journey into a different world. It can make anything look wonderful and that includes casino slot games as well. Well of Wonders slots is one such game by Thunderkick (NYX) with pure magic everywhere inside the game.

A unique part is there are no reels that spin. The symbols pop out from inside the well and appear in front of you, floating in the air. The well itself looks very magical with a colourful glow on it. There is a total of seven symbols that can appear at a time. This is a match-3 style game where if you get three symbols of the same kind, you will win with a certain amount of your bet. The betting starts here with 10p and on your lucky day, you could try the maximum of £100 each turn.

Well of Wonders Slots: Wish for the Riches at Vegas Mobile Casino

Experience the Magic of Well of Wonders Slots Symbols

The symbols of Well of Wonders slots are colourful and attractive with mind blowing animation effects. There are seven of them in total, each with a unique shape and design that look more like sweet candies. They come in shapes of the sea shell, heart, square, triangle, rhombus and circle. Each of these symbols glows when three of a kind appears on the screen. The symbols award you with a certain number of times on your total bet instead of coin wins.

  • The red circular symbol pays the top reward of 50 times your bet on seven of its kind and 0.70 times with three of a kind.
  • Other pays between 8 and 30 times your bet on 7 of a kind. To make a winning combination you must get three of a kind of any symbol. Then you not only win from it but you get an additional turn as the winning symbols are replaced by new ones. The free turns continue as long as you keep getting winning combos.

Nothing Magical Than the Bonus Features

There are two bonuses in Well of Wonders slots and they are represented by a glowing white fairy and a white stone with ‘W’ embossed over it.

  • The white stone is the wild feature of this Well of Wonders slots game and it replaces all the symbols. When wild appears, if there are any two of a kind symbols, you will win from all those combinations. For example, if two types of symbols appear twice during a turn then you win from two different combinations. In case three wild symbols appear then all the symbols on the reel make winning combos and you get seven new symbols as the replacement.
  • The white glowing fairy can appear anytime during the game. She stays on the screen for a while and during that time if you fail to get a winning combo, she will activate random symbols to glow. All glowing symbols in this Well of Wonders slots game are replaced by new ones.

Make a Wish Now

Both of the above bonus features help you win massive rewards when they appear. Overall, this slots game offers wonderful graphics and amazing features you can win from. Vegas Mobile Casino is where you can experience this magical wonder and make your wishes come true.

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