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Blog Posted on 19/08/2020 | Author: Karen Macarthur

What are Hot and Cold Streaks in online slots?

What are Hot and Cold Streaks in online slots?

Casino lovers know the concept of hot-and-cold streaks. Hot-and-Cold streaks are legends attached to the world of casinos. This tradition has been carried out for years and is still quite prevalent around the big and small casinos in the world. Players simply believe that one time they are playing on a bingo site, they are riding the hot streaks and the next time they start playing, suddenly they start to lose, and they emphasize that as a cold streak. Hot-and-Cold streaks are similar to the way players make use of lucky charms when they play a game. For example, players may believe that wearing the same clothes, or praying before a spin may give them a win, or when people wear lucky charms and also perform a special dance sometimes. These are a few examples of the way lucky streaks work. Some players think that if a slot machine has been lucky or hot for them for a period of time, then it may be the same for the next time they play. Similar is the case of a cold machine. 

Hot-and-cold streaks are a part of rituals and beliefs that have been associated with the casinos for as long as people can remember. Hot-and-Cold streaks definitely depend on the random chances of playing, but if it makes it more fun for the players, then why not go along with the tradition? But, behind those exhilarating moments and rituals is a logic to the streaks, read more to find out how they work.


  • The first mathematical analysis that is required more than the RTP of the game is how better a particular game will be in the matter of the streaks. It is called “volatility.”
  • On the basis of the layout and rules of the game, the players can figure out and get an idea of how likely they are to experience hot-and-cold streaks of differences. This often requires a detailed analysis of the game’s payout rates, bonus features and so on.
  • There is a basic thumb rule that goes without saying and is applicable to slots and their foreseeable volatility that will help the players to know the concept of the game: if most of the rewards are receivable from the bonus game, and the bonus game is difficult to achieve, then the player may be playing with a volatile slot game.
  • What are Hot and Cold Streaks in online slots?

  • We will see this in the next point, but RTP numbers are, more importantly, for the use of the casino instead of the player. A slot game may have a 96% RTP, but it may have those numbers because it is definite to give huge rewards in the bonus round. Hence, if you are a person who wants to finish more than all of your budget prior to starting a bonus round, then 96% isn’t going to be helpful for you at all. 
  • A game with a high RTP will be considered volatile because the player can expect to have long instances of having a cold streak or not doing well in the game, and having an occasional instance where the player gets a bonus when they invest a huge amount of money in their account. 

Variance and RTP

  • The best way for figuring how beneficial a slot machine will be to you is the “return to player(RTP) percentage. Back in the day, these rates were an industry secret and were hidden away. These rates are now mostly given out clearly by game developers and by some online casinos who have a list of the information for the convenience of the players. The percentage number, for example, 98% is the way a player can tell how much money the slot will expectedly give them over time. 
  • The players can definitely get some useful information from RTP, but it was initially made for casino owners. It’s more useful to the casino because it tells the players how much money a game will return over the time of its entire run, not to any specifically selected player or at one given period of time. 
  • There is a random difference between the variety of spins and players, which is known as “variance.” So, a cold streak is known as a bad strike of variance, and on the other hand,  a hot streak is known as the good strike of variance.

Many people come into the slot machine games with the expectations of winning the games one after the other, thereby establishing a hot streak. This, however, is only a trick of the trade and varies from casino to casino and player to player. It is advised not to rely too much on the RTPs but play with your own luck. 

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