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Blog Posted on 25/11/2021 | Author: Karen Macarthur

What Is Four-Card Poker and How to Play It?

What Is Four-Card Poker and How to Play It?

4 Card Poker was created in the late 1980s by Roger Snow of Shuffle Master. It’s one of the table-based casino games that uses the identical Master’s shuffling machine like 3 Card Poker. However, their strategies and gameplay are marked by distinct differences.

The game of 4-Card Poker consists of two games in one: Ante Play and Aces Up. In Ante-Play, you compete against the dealer. In Aces Up, if you receive two Aces or higher, you will be paid according to the paytable. This is a brief guide for players to 4 Card Poker.

How To Play 4 Card Poker

Like the video game, the 4 Card Poker game uses a standard 52-card deck at tables similar to Blackjack. There are three circles on the front with the names Aces Up, Ante, and 1x-3x Ante. Each of the three circles represents a unique bet that is based on the current actions.

The game starts when bets are placed in Aces Up, Ante, or both. If players decide to participate in both, they have to place the same bet on both games. Players then receive five cards in a face-down position. The goal is to create the strongest four-card hand.

The dealer receives six cards to create the most successful 4-card hand. However, each of the dealer’s cards is dealt face-up. Players can continue to play or fold. To continue the hand, participants have to utilize the Poker chips to make a second Play bet. 

Folding results in losing all Ante’s stake, and the hand closes. The minimum bet required to continue must be the same as the initial bet. However, players can place bets as much as three times their original Ante.

4 Card Poker Hand Rankings

The hand rankings of 4 Card Poker differ from standard poker games such as Texas Hold’em. But, they’re dependent on the mathematical probability of making the hand.

The players must use only four out of five cards dealt to form the strongest hand. The hand rankings for the 4-Card Poker from the strongest to the weakest. The hand rankings are:

  • Four cards with the same rank
  • Straight Flush: Four cards in a succession of the same suit
  • Flush: Four cards of the same suit.
  • Straight: Four cards in order
  • Two Pair Two Pair: 2 cards of the same rank and two additional cards with the same rank.
  • Pair of Aces The Aces are a pair.

What Is Four-Card Poker and How to Play It?

4 Card Poker Ante Bonus

Alongside offering Ante and Play bets, 4-Card Poker also gives an Ante Bonus that is paid out according to your player’s Ante hands. The players are paid the Ante Bonus.

Aces Up

Aces Up Paytable. Aces Up are not dependent entirely on the hands of the dealer. Players who have a pair of Aces or better will be paid according to Aces Up. Aces Up bet, based on Aces Up paytable. 

4-Card Poker Strategy

There are three different strategies for 4 Card Poker Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Beginner 4-Card Poker Strategy

The most basic method to play is:

  • Bet 3x with a Pair of Tens or more
  • Bet 1x with the Pair of Twos through Nines
  • Fold the other hands

This simple strategy can result in a 3.396 percent house edge.

Intermediate 4 Card Poker Strategy

Here’s a method for players who have previous experience with 4 Card Poker:

  • Bet 3x with an Ace or better. Aces or more
  • Bet 1x with a pair of Tens or Nines, and the dealer’s up card is greater than yours; otherwise, you bet 3x Ante.
  • Bet 3x Ante using a pair of Eights, and the dealer’s up card is Two; otherwise, place bets of 1x Ante.
  • Bet 1x with a pair of Sevens through Twos
  • Bet 1x with the pair of Twos or Ace-King-Queen High, and the dealer’s up card has the same value as the card you have in your hands. Otherwise, fold.
  • Fold other hand combinations.

The intermediate strategy will result in a 2.8526% edge on the house.

Advanced 4 Card Poker Strategy

Here’s a plan for players who are familiar with famous casino quotations as well as those with a lot of experience playing four-card poker:

  • Bet 3x with an Ace or better. Aces or more
  • Bet 3x on the pair of Kings and bet 1x Ante if you possess an Ace or a Four, and your dealer’s card is an Ace.
  • Bet 3x on the pair with Queens or Jacks. However, bet 1x Ante if the dealer’s up card is higher than your Pair but isn’t in the same class as other cards in your hands.
  • Bet 3x Ante by using a pair of Tens or Nines Bet 1x Ante if the dealer’s card surpasses your pair.
  • Bet 1x Ante using a pair of Eights Bet 3x Ante when the dealer’s up card is two.
  • Bet 1x on a pair of Sevens through Fours
  • Bet 1x with threes or a pair and fold if the dealer’s top card is a Jack and your best kicker is a Ten or lower
  • Fold using a pair of Twos or Ace-King Queen High Bet 1x Ante when the dealer’s card is the same value as the card you hold that you have in your hands.
  • Fold with Ace-King Jack-Ten High; however, place bets of 1x Ante If the dealer’s up card is an Ace or a Jack.
  • Fold using Ace-King-Jack-Nine, and lower.

The advanced strategy gives you a 2.8498 percentage edge for the house.

Crazy 4 Poker

Crazy 4 Poker uses poker terms that are similar to those used in 4-Card Poker. However, it is different in that the Aces Up bet is replaced by the Super Bonus wager. Also, there’s a Queens Up side bet available in Crazy 4 Poker.

The hand ratings of the hand rankings in Crazy 4 Poker are the same as those in 4-Card Poker. However, the dealer receives five cards to create the hand instead of the six cards in the 4-Card Poker.

The dealer has to be open by using King High or higher. If the dealer doesn’t already have King High or higher, then the Ante bet is pushed. All play bets are paid out if the dealer doesn’t meet the requirements. If the dealer qualifies, bets are settled on who has the highest hand.

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