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Blog Posted on 08/03/2016 | Author: Karen Macarthur

What is Multihand Blackjack?

Blackjack, the immortal and the popular casino games of all times. But what is Multihand Blackjack? It is the improved version of the classic Blackjack that will surely interest all! Why be satisfied with a single hand when you can play up to 5 at once?! Yes, that is true!

Single or Multihand Blackjack – What’s The Difference?

The difference is just a minor one – multiple hands! While in a single hand, players can only play with one hand, the multi-hand version allows them to choose from the number of hands they wish to play from. From up to 5 to be chosen, this significantly improves the winning probability. The bets are to be placed and there is a dealer. Only when the card dealing is on, you will see something new. Here, the casino first deals two cards for every activated player hand and award 2 cards for itself – one facing up, the other down. And the best part is, as the game moves on, every hand will be treated as a separate entity! So, losing in one will not affect the chances of winning in others!

Loving Multihand Blackjack Already?

One of the perks of playing a Multihand Blackjack is that once you have played on the first and the second hand, you will probably know and can calculate what to expect from the remaining hands. In case you choose to play with 5 hands, you can predict what 3rd, 4th and 5th hand will bring in for you. The other big advantage is that you can take as much time you want to take decisions. Real casinos and even multiplayer online casinos cannot offer you unlimited time to take your decisions with other people involved, but in this one – the world is yours! Strategize and analyze at your own pace and take the right decision – almost always.Following the basic rules of multi hand blackjack might help you govern the game.

Some Tips..

You might have heard many tips for playing Blackjack, but Multihand Blackjack is a bit different. So always keep a few things in mind when you start gambling here.

One, do not hurry in taking decisions. Take your time to calculate, predict and analyze, there is no time limit here.

Two, study all your hands and very carefully level them according to aggressiveness. For instance, a no-bust hand can be one with 16 or above, a super-aggressive hand can be with 20 or 21.

Three, never take the Aces for granted. If the value of a particular hand is already 21, then the ace is counted as an 11.

Four, recognize the pattern. Once you become a regular player, you will see that there is a kind of a pattern that goes in a game of Blackjack. Figure that out and you are the king!

Like Blackjack, Multihand Blackjack is also a super fun game if you play it right! There can be many tips and tricks, but every individual has their own style. So, discover yours and start betting!

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