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Blog Posted on 13/07/2018 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Who Is Going To Win FIFA 2018 World Cup?

World Cup 2018 inches nearer to a close, with some of the most beloved and prolific stars on the football scene gracing its stages. Most of these stars have nailed it with their skills, while others floundered around like a fish washed ashore. The original 32 teams have been severely whittled down, with the likes of Brazil and Argentina humiliatingly sent packing like grade B amateurs, by teams that were on paper deemed inferior on all parameters.

Who Is Going To Win FIFA 2018 World Cup?

Now, the final will be a straight slug-fest between favourites France and little fancied but massively skilled Croatia. Being football, the outcome of such a match is not written in stone, but the French are still expected to walk away with the World Cup 2018 cup after some hard fighting.

In case you have been busy and have had no clue about just what has been happening on the pitches in Russia, here are the top stories of World Cup 2018.

• Les Blues Goes On A Rampage: The World Cup 2018 French team are – according to the most bookmakers and barring a really shocking upset- the odds-on favourite to lift the golden cup and bask in the adoration of millions of fans. This will be 20 or so years since they won a World Cup, and the expectation of getting their hands on the trophy has sent thousands of Frenchmen into the streets, shouting themselves hoarse and celebrating as if aliens had just been found on Mars!
The French team being tipped for such major glory is not really all that surprising with the amount of extraordinary talent on hand, like the incomparable Mbappe. Now, they have since booked themselves a final with Croatia. By all accounts, this match will be epic, action and passion-packed and be possibly reckoned as the best of all time.

• Plucky Croatia Enter The Big Stage: Around 20 years back, the Croatians finished third at the World Cup. They have since completely failed to replicate such heady success. Until now that is. Now, these plucky guys have since beaten Russia right in front of their own fans, given the likes of Argentina a very humiliating drubbing and booked themselves a place in the final by defeating almighty England 2-1.
Theirs have been a really remarkable run in the World Cup. Whether they will ultimately triumph over Les Blues is uncertain, but they have more than managed to play themselves into the hearts and minds of fans worldwide.

• Buggy Brazil Bows Out: With a team sinfully overloaded with talents and boasting football-mad citizenry that vociferously proclaims their support on every possible occasion, the World Cup 2018 Brazilian team seemed to have everything needed for greatness. Instead, the dodgy football antics of Neymar and their overall unremarkable and somewhat shoddy gameplay has since made them laughing stocks all over the globe.
They unceremoniously crashed out in the quarterfinals and were last seen being pelted with rotten eggs by some disappointed fans.

• Portugal: The World Cup 2018 Portuguese team appear to have built their entire hopes and dreams on the back of Ronaldo and stubbornly adopted a conservative style of play that saw them have all the ball possession in the world, without that reflecting much on the balance sheet. They were easily sent out of the semifinals by Uruguay, with the world’s best player being unable to break through defences with the ease he was known for back at Real Madrid.

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