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Blog Posted on 12/06/2014 | Author: Karen Macarthur

Win Big in Mobile Roulette

Roulette has for long been the favourite of both the online and land based players. The mysterious and thrilling dynamics of where the ball will land always has a considerable hold over them. A game largely based on luck and chance, the Vegas Mobile Casino lets them enjoy the same on their mobile devices.

The mobile roulette can be played both in free and real money mode. With its smooth interface and gameplay, the endless spinning of the wheel while on the go, contributes to the fun. Compatible for playing on all the mobile devices which supports casino software, the downloaded or online versions make an undeniable impact on all the casino players.

Chance and Luck rules in Mobile Roulette

The ‘Little Wheel’ as roulette is known in French can change the fortunes of the lucky few who land the winning pocket. A pure game of chance there is no actual way of predicting the winning number or colour.

Both the online and mobile roulette use the random number generators (RNG) to land the numbers. Even though the players may think it’s all about probability, mathematics and statistics, it’s still hard to tell the winning number. With no supporting historical data, formulas don’t work here.

Mobile Roulette Tips and Strategies

To have a winning mobile roulette session, take a look at the tips that Vegas Mobile Casino has compiled. Note that these are based on the common information available and should be followed at the player’s discretion.

Learn the basics of Mobile Roulette

Whether a new player or a seasoned one a good grasp of the basics of mobile roulette will always help. Learn about the betting options, the layout and payouts of the different variations of the roulette casino game before starting on the mobile roulette adventure.

Play European Roulette

It has a single zero pocket giving winning odds of 1:37 for increasing the winning chances. The house advantage is at 2.7% which is less than the house edge of the American roulette of 5.26 per wheel spin. For the long haul, play the mobile roulette European version.

Place Outside Bets:

Making a bet on groups is a better strategy than on a single number. The chance of winning increases on the High/Low, Red/Black, Odd/Even, Dozen or Column bets. Though the payouts are less than the inside bets, there is always a 50-50 chance of winning the round.

Make Multiple Inside Bets:

To have better odds of winning with different numbers for a single bet, place multiple bets on the inside. The payout is less compared to that of a single number (i.e. 35:1), but it will be higher than the outside bets. The win is spread across the table rather than on a single number.

Minimize The Losses:

Always bet within your gambling limits. Set a limit on the amount that the player can afford to lose. Never exceed this set limit.

Withdraw the profits from the winnings and only play with the initial bet which was placed. In this way the player is assured of having a safety net. Atleast he will break even, if not make a profit. Play responsibly to enjoy a stress free experience while on the move.

Popular Betting Strategies:

A number of betting strategies are available that try to explain which combination or bet will most likely land the winning number. But there is no single one which guarantees a perfect win. Generally sticking to Outside Bets is a better winning strategy in the long run.

The Martingale System allows the player to double the bets immediately after a loss and lowering it with a win. Keep doubling the bet until the player wins to make a profit. The D’Alembert System functions similarly but works mainly on the outside bets.

Practice Make Perfect:

Learn the rules and gameplay of the mobile roulette by playing the free versions. With time and practice, move over to the real money play.

Play At Reputable Sites:

When playing the mobile roulette, select the casino websites that are legit. Refer to other player’s online postings, casino forums etc. to check out the best site. They will always publish their payouts; have a good internet traffic and reputation among the players.

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